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Most CrossFit Games Open Athletes In Diablo’s History!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
Neale Donald Walsch


  • Diablo CrossFit Firefighters Save Lives
  • Friday Night Lights 24.2 Theme: 80’s/90’s Movies
  • Bowling! 
  • No More Healthy Habits… 
  • 1 Billion Obese, Outlive, and Extreme Camper


WHO DO YOU WANT TO YOUR KIDS TO BE?  Two weeks ago, Jamie Lee and I led a CrossFit workshop for San Ramon School District PE Teachers. It was a very cool opportunity to influence the influencers. To close the presentations that day, I really wanted the PE Teachers to understand how important their jobs were especially considering the epidemic of chronic diseases, especially obesity and diabetes. They hold the power to change a child’s life forever by making them fall in love with fitness. In my closing remarks to the teachers, I told this incredible and true story of heroism (and amazing coincidence) that happened here in Walnut Creek earlier this year. 

On January 12th of this year, Firefighters from two units responded to a house fire in Walnut Creek. The home was in flames with heavy smoke indoors – a blackout situation. Soon after arriving, the Fire Captain declared a “Rescue Mode” with an occupant trapped inside! The two lead Firefighters entered the home via a bedroom window and were immediately blocked by large amounts debris and of clutter. With masks on, and zero visibility, the two firefighters felt their way into the bathroom where they found the elderly female victim – unconscious but still breathing.

The two Firefighters knew they had to get her out and the bedroom window was the only option. The problem: she weighed more than 300lbs and was unresponsive. Together, they were able to carry/drag her from the bathroom to the window. It was an incredibly tense few minutes as the lift, carry & drag took a maximum physical effort – with full gear and respirators. However, once they arrived at the window, they still needed to lift her out, but could not lift her high enough even with the help of additional fire crew. Following extraction protocols, they used a chainsaw to cut a large panel out of window frame which allow them to carry the victim to safety – saving her life. 

What was the amazing coincidence? The two lead Firefighters are a Diablo CrossFit member and a Diablo CrossFit OG Member & Coach. Current member, Brian George and OG, Darren Rosten (Diablo’s First Games athlete) came together in that burning, smoke filled house for an workout to save a woman’s life. Both Brian and Darren have been passionate about fitness for most of their lives – and that passion has led to success in their careers and has literally saved lives. 

“So…” I asked the PE Teachers at the end of our workshop, “which person in that story do you want your kids to be – the firefighter, or the person being rescued?”  Get them hooked on fitness early.


  • Team Challenge #2 – Bowling: Sun Mar 10 – Join your team on Sunday, Mar 10th at 3PM at Paddock Bowl on Pacheco for a “Team Bowling Competition”
  • The 1st Team Challenge was “Post An Open Promotion Video to Diablo’s Instagram!”  Results will be announced on Tuesday!
  • Team Rosters Complete Check the roster to confirm you’ve been added. 
  • FNL 24.2 THEME: 80’s/90s Movies –  From Rambo to Star Wars… there’s a lot to choose from.
  • FNL 24.3 – End of The Open Celebration: Mar 15th, 3:30P – 7:30P.  Theme: St. Patricks Day 
  • SCORING RESULTS: We will post Team Results and Rosters On This Webpage! on Tuesdays.

+ Our Healthy Habit Challenge Ended TODAY! – If you didn’t do the the last 24hr Challenge on Mon, Feb 26: Reflection – go back & submit. We’d love to read your thoughts on the HHC.
+ 24.2 Announcement: Thursday, Mar 7th at 12PM PT – games.crossfit.com
+ Friday Night Lights! – 24.2 – Friday, Mar 8th, 3:30P – 7:30P
+ Sunday Afternoon Bowling – Sunday, Mar 10th, 3PM – Pacheco Bowl


March Focus: 
 1. Deadlift  2. Overhead Squat  Skill: Rope Climb & Accessory

  • Article: CNN – Ultraprocessed foods linked to heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and early death, study finds – Duh. This article is based on a review of 45 meta-analyses on 10million people. The upside: its nice to see mainstream media giving this some coverage. And honestly, ultra processed foods should fall into the “cigarette” category if we want to change behaviors. But, lets just start with kids. Show them this. 
  • Article / Research: BBC – More Than A Billion People Obese Worldwide, Research Suggests – again, “duh”. But, holy crap, this is not good for humanity. And, importantly, its not good for Government Healthcare Spending. The US alone spends $4.5T on Heatlhcare every year. Good news: more than 400,000 people signed up for the CrossFit Games Open in 2024!! That’s a good start on reversing the trend.
  • Article: Washington Post – Why the long-term success of weight-loss drugs may depend on exercise – Not surprising. Looking forward to talking to Athena and Nutrition Coach Gwen Holtan about this on our PRsAllDay Podcast on Wed.
  • Book: Outlive – Peter Attia and Bill Gifford – Recommended by multiple members. Just getting started on this and I already love it. Dr. Attia has dedicated himself to extending life and improving the quality of life vs. saving a lives affected by chronic disease. I’ll report back. Listening on Audible. 
  • Camper TrailerEpic Ranger –  Off Road Camper Trailer – I love RV stuff and this is a legit cool camper trailer for remote camping. It has all the comforts with an open design and a small travel package.
Make it a great week!