Step-Gate. Tie-Die FNL. March Progressions. Dinnie Stones. Super D. Big Girl Pants. TWA 3.7.22

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

ANOTHER EPIC FNL The crowd grew larger and so did the cheers! 22.2 was a blast. Our RX+ athletes put on an exciting show – all dressed in red. Pics will be out soon. Next week, they’re going with “Tie-Dye” and they want the entire Diablo community to match!  So, if you’ve got tie-die or neon (for those without tie-dye) – put it on and join the fun on Friday!

STEP-OVER CONTROVERSY  Open Workout 22.2 created a LOT of controversy in the CrossFit world. When is jump considered a step? The workout,1-10-1 Deadlifts and Bar-facing Burpees, allowed for a one-foot take off, but required both feet in the air at the same time as the athlete passes over the bar. While this seems like a clear standard, the reality is that CrossFitters will push the edge of the envelope in order to improve performance. Many videos on social media display athletes using a “jump-step” strategy in order to move faster. We saw this happen in the quarterfinals last year with some top-level athletes. While this seems like a unique situation, the reality is that over the last 10 years we’ve had plenty of challenges to the published “standards”.  This year, however, CrossFit had to put out a stern reminder from Adrian Bozman to adhere to the standard.

The beauty (& strength) of CrossFit is based upon a simple principle: it is “measurable, repeatable and observable”.  Fitness improves when a repeatable combination of measurable exercises are completed faster or, with more repetitions. The principle of “measurable, repeatable and observable” allows for competition. But, CrossFit is a nascent sport with many movements. As it matures, standards will become more clear and more stringent.

I suspect that the standards for the bar-facing burpee will evolve to become easier to follow and easier to enforce for judges. In the meantime, we’re all going to have to endure the social media “stepover” videos. But, at Diablo and most other affiliates, we want to see two-feet intentionally in the air as the athlete passes over the bar. 

END OF THE OPEN PARTY – FRIDAY MAR 11!!  This Friday, we’ll come together to complete the last workout of the Open: 22.3. After the workout, we’ll set up some tables & chairs, fire up the bbq and open the coolers. Please join us for our epic “End Of The Open” celebration! There will be food, drinks & plenty of friends. And, we may even have a few special guests.

TWEET OF THE WEEK   A more effective and sustainable weight loss strategy: Replace “cardio” with “walks”, Replace “diet” with “time restricted eating”, Replace “exercise” with “lift weights””

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  • Primary: Power Snatch & Power Clean
  • Secondary: Back Squat
  • Skill: Monostructural

The week ahead: 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

An Absolutely Epic Lift – The Dinnie Stones.  Watch Chloe Brennan, who weighs 141lbs, lift the 733lb Dinnie Stones at the 2022 Rogue Strongman Competition. This lift is a 150+ year-old Scottish tradition. This video is just epic. 

Best Hour of The Day Podcast with Nicole Christensen: It’s Time To Put Your Big Girl Pants On – Nicole is a friend and owns CrossFit Roots in Boulder, Colorado. Her box is about the same size as Diablo. CrossFit Roots is where “Sugarwod” was born. She is a Level 4 CrossFit trainer and also works for CFHQ. In this podcast Nicole talks about what it takes to run a successful CrossFit affiliate and elaborates on the values and principals that keep her “community” together.  

Vitamin D Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness & Strength! – Rhonda Patrick – I’ve touted the benefits of Vitamin D in the past, especially for improved immunity, including against Covid. Experts agree that deficiency in D is directly correlated to Covid severity and death. Now, a new study confirms substantial benefits for cardiorespiratory fitness and strength as well!  Obviously, direct sources of D are best: sunlight. But, supplementation works great too. I take 5000 IUs daily and spend time outdoors. RP suggests 4000 IUs as a daily supplement. The referenced study. 

Make it an awesome week!