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“Hey, wanna be on our team?”
.. That’s how four really cool Diablo members & coaches got together for some awesome CrossFit Games Quarter Final workouts. NBD. So much fun to watch ’em compete! 

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.”
Liane Cordes

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HARSH REALITY: MOST PEOPLE DON’T “FEEL” LIKE EXERCISING – In a typical month, I work and occasionally Coach at the gym at different hours each day of the week. Thus, I get to observe, train and talk with most of our community, including our coaches & staff. While we have very diverse backgrounds and life experiences, and we have also have several traits and behaviors in common. One of our most surprising shared “traits” is a frequent sense of dread for our daily CrossFit workout. Yet, somehow, yet we overcome our reluctant thoughts, remember our goals, adjust our schedules and drive to the gym and workout. And, we experience the best hour of the day.

How and why do we do it? Here’s my thoughts:
  • We share the “obligation” with a friend or friend(s). We’re more likely to get up at 4AM for the 5AM class if we know our friends are expecting us.
  • We focus on the “after” – the dopamine surge and sense of satisfaction.
  • We treat the daily workout as a “buy-in” for a better day, better health & better life.
  • We chisel it into our daily/weekly schedule. There’s no compromise. It becomes routine.
  • We attach a reward to it:  a good cup of coffee after morning class or, dinner after PM class.
  • We set micro-goals: 3x, 4x or 5x a week workout obligations.
  • We think about the disappointment or negative consequences of NOT working out.
  • We remind ourselves of our longterm obligations to our family
  • We “gamify” it: “I can’t go home/out until I go to the gym first”
The good news is, over time we develop a routine – a habit – that makes the internal “exercise battle” much easier to win. So, whatever you’re doing to win your battle, keep it up – it’s working.

And, if you’re CrossFitting at 5AM, share your magic formula with the rest of us, ’cause that shit’s crazy. 

TWEET OF THE WEEK (#dontfollowme): “The Inverse Diet guarantees weight loss: When you feel like eating, exercise. When you feel like exercising, eat.”


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  • Let’s Ruck! (or Hike) – Fri Apr 12th, 6:30A – At the end of Whitecliff Drive (off Rudgear)
  • Individual & Age Group Quarterfinals: April 17 – 22. Workout times:
    • Wed 4/17:  2PM & 6:30PM
    • Thu/Fri 4/18&19:  11A, 2PM & 6:30PM
    • Sat: 4/20: 12:30PM
    • Sun: 4/21: 11:30AM


April Focus: 
1. Back Squat / Floor Press 2. Loaded Carries  Skill: Balance


YouTube: Huberman With Matthew Walker – This a 6 Week Series covering all aspects of sleep! I read Matthew Walker’s book “Why We Sleep” years ago and loved it. So, this podcast is a great refresher course on the importance of sleep and its powerful impact on physical performance and mental health – including dementia. 

Article: Peter Attia on Strength Training Reverses Aging – Sarcopenia, the decline in muscle mass that occurs with aging was thought to be the RESULT of aging. In fact a recent published study showed that a decline in Type2 muscle fibers (fast twitch)  that are the power muscles shrink as a result of a lack of use. More significantly, resistance training at any age can reverse the atrophy and increase strength. 

Research (IG):  Barefoot Running On Grass To Treat Plantar Fasciitis. A member gave me this same advice 3 years ago when I was suffering with PF and it worked amazingly fast! Start with walking barefoot and graduate to running. Full study here.
Make it a great week!