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Diablo’s Coach Amy, a Masters Weightlifting Champion, was recently featured by the US Coast Guard in a cool video for Women’s History Month. Well done, Coach! Click the pic to view.

There is an overwhelming amount of recent research substantiating the most basic and¬†effective lifestyle behaviors to improve overall physical and mental health, avoid or reduce metabolic diseases,¬†and extend life. Check my “Craigslist” for a few of the most recent. Ironically, while these behaviors are basic, at the same time they are¬†very hard for many of us to implement in our lives:

  • Avoid¬†sugar & alcohol
  • Walk often throughout the day
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night

Nobody has a magical solution to accomplish these 3 things but, many people who are able to accomplish them will testify to the incredible benefits that carryover to every facet of their lives, including relationships, work productivity, overall happiness and self confidence.

As with any new habit, start with small steps and build slowly. Choose one of the habits, ie, avoid sugar & alcohol, and then choose 3 days a week to implement. After 3-4 weeks of success, add a few more days, and so on. When or if you fail, simply restart. Keep re-starting until it sticks. If you can’t succeed, ask a friend(s) to join you, or hire an accountability coach or use an accountability app. Just don’t stop trying. ¬†

TWEET OF THE WEEK:¬† “The solution to the Country‚Äôs problems starts with you. Prioritize your health & fitness first, then direct your attention to the people closest to you. Worry about national & global issues last. If everyone followed suit, many other problems would fade.

April Focus:  (1) Back Squat + DB Floor Press, (2) Loaded Carry, (Skill) Balance & Stability
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  • Movie:¬†Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves¬†– Alana & I got together with our weekly D&D crew to take in this movie on Saturday (ran into fellow Diablo D&D fanatic, Kristina Thorson). It’s an excellent production and very fun for both non-D&D’rs and fans fo D&D. Side note: interested in D&D or, exposing your kids to D&D?¬†Black Diamond Games in Concord¬†is a great place to start! They have gaming nights and beginner groups – and lots of people who can help get you started.¬†

Make it an awesome week!


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