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Coach Cole hits a #275 PR Clean & Jerk – the last bar in the CFG Qtr Final Workout #3 – after failed attempts 2 days prior. Jackson puts the icing on the cake, with a Power C&J.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Mary Schmich

TEAM OH SO CLOSE!  This weekend Diablo’s Añejo Team competed in the CrossFit Games Online Quarterfinals. The energy in the gym was off the hook – reminiscent of past years. And the team effort was inspirational & incredibly memorable. 

The team was given 5 workouts on Thursday at 12PM with two workouts due on Friday & Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Diablo’s team, Jackson Miller, Cole Gravitt, Alessandra and Beth Stankevich was hastily assembled after the Open. Beth has been to the Games on a Team and Alessandra.. well, we all know Sandy’s background (9x Games). However, Beth works full-time and trains part-time, when it fits her schedule. Alessandra retired after the 2021 Games and has been training sporadically while catching up on life experiences and building her coaching business. Cole and Jackson are also train when they can, working they are not. Because of varied schedules, the team was never able to train together as a team. But they headed into the Quarterfinals intent on doing everything possible to make it to Semis. 
Only the top 80 teams in North America can qualify for the next level of the Games: the Semifinals. Añejo finished the Open in 187th. After the first 2 Qtr Final workouts, they quickly moved to 67th – in position to qualify! However, after the next two workouts, which included heavier loads and synchronized movements, they dropped to 91st. Finally, after two attempts at the last workout, it appears that Añejo will finish in 90th place – just 10 places out from the Semis. 

Our community was inspired by the performances of these 4 athletes who gave this competition everything they had: coming early and staying late and repeating brutal workouts. While they are currently in 90th, final placements will not be determined until video reviews are done. 

Thank you, Jackson, Cole, Sandy and Beth! This weekend was an amazing shot of energy and inspiration for our Diablo community. It was an absolute blast watching you compete. 

DIABLO ACCEPTS BITCOIN!  If you’re interested in paying for your Annual membership with crypto currency, Diablo now accepts Bitcoin via our Coinbase account. Just stop by the front desk, scan the QR code and send us your Bitcoin. Pricing may vary based upon market fluctuations.  

I’m excited to grow our crypto business as Bitcoin and others are becoming popular for traditional commerce. I’m speaking with several experts and hope to expand our crypto services (and currencies) in the coming months. 

BEST 4 STAR REVIEW  I’m giving a 4-star review only because 5-star rankings get fewer eyeballs and I want people to listen”


  • DONE: Individual Quarterfinals (Top 10% in the Region):  Mar 24-27 
  • DONE: Team Quarterfinals (Top 25% in Region): Apr 7-10
  • NEXT: Masters/Teens (Top 10% in World): Apr 21-24

TWEET OF THE WEEK:   Fat cells are the body’s Strategic Oil Reserves. They won’t be used until other energy stores are depleted.

** NEW ** CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK   I create daily fitness & nutrition challenges for myself often. It’s just a very simple way to add meaningful volume to my workouts, practice skills or improve my nutrition. Join me if you want – or tweek it to make it work for you. It doesn’t have to be hard. 

Challenge for the week of 4/11: 25-50 Push Ups a Day. Pick a number from 25- 50 and stick with it. You don’t have to do them all at once. Range of motion is important. 

WORKOUTS –  April Focus: Base & Balance (Newsletter / Calendar)
The week ahead: 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

This Guy Gets My Vote: Michael Shellenberger on the Rogan Podcast #1798 – “What if we called them ‘Open Air Drug Markets’ instead of ‘Homeless Encampments’?” Shellenberger is running for Governor of California and he is the author of the recent best seller “San Fransicko – Why Progressives Ruin Cities”.  This podcast gave me hope. Michael painted a very clear picture of the tragic situation with the homeless in San Francisco and LA. He has excellent solutions to end the crisis that is literally ruining the intercity areas of California. On Friday, two more major financial institutions announced their planned departure from SF – one CEO citing “an unsafe environment for our employees, who have been attacked & robbed.” 

WeCrashed – AppleTV.  This is the epic story of WeWork’s meteoric rise and IPO fail at the hands of a charismatic and somewhat bizarre CEO, Adam Neuman. This is an amazing story of hubris and venture capital disaster. Yet, despite the crash of WeWork, Neuman still ended up with $1.7b and a ridiculous advisory salary. Wild story. 

Reasons People Leave CrossFit Gyms & How To Keep Them Around – Andrew Hiller is a quirky dude, a bit negative, and a former affiliate owner, but I enjoy his content. He’s brash and will say the things that many in the CrossFit world want to say, but are afraid. His 3 categories of CrossFit clients are pretty accurate, but he left out a fourth category: the lifetime partner. 

Huberman Lab – Cold Immersion Therapy. My Precision Care Health Coach highly recommended Cold Immersion therapy 3x a week for up to 10minutes each time as a way to reduce stress and improve my heart health. I bought a $200 tub from Concord Feed, but haven’t started yet. I hate cold water. Dr. Huberman’s podcast lays out the proof – it works. Dammit. But, the good news: the benefits start even with mildly cold water – something he recommends in order to build up to colder temps. 

Make it an awesome week!