CFG QF Recap: Good, Bad, Ugly. Gas Stoves. Amanda’s VLOG, Save the 1st Amendment. The Week Ahead 4.3.23

Judge Jamie Lee and Assistant Judge Anderson watch for depth during the Team Quarterfinals workout. 

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar

It was a fast & furious 6 days of competition as the Diablo Añejo Team & our Masters athletes completed their workouts back-to-back, Wed – Fri (Team) and Fri – Sun (Masters). There was no time, nor energy for re-dos. The workouts were brutal. They exposed weaknesses and challenged a wide range of fitness. All of the athletes were exposed to multiple heavy lifts, more complex gymnastics, strict handstand push-ups or handstand walks. 

The Good The Bad & The Ugly: 

The Good: The QF Competition successfully advanced the fittest athletes to the next level of competition. The workouts were diverse, challenging, and fun. They did not favor the specialists. Weaknesses were exposed. The 3 day format forced athletes to complete the workouts one time only – with multiple workouts per day. The leaderboard updated every day at 1PM which made the competition more dynamic and fun.

The Bad: The QF Competition includes thousands of athletes, 10% of all Masters and 25% of individuals and teams. However, the some of the individual and masters workouts were structured to limit participation. Individual #1 began with the heaviest front squat in the first round and got lighter in later sets. Thus, some athletes had to post “0” or no score for the first workout! By simply reversing the rep scheme, the workout would have allowed for more participation, and more scores on the board without affecting the overall results. Likewise, the Age Group workout 2, began with wall facing or strict hspu, a limiter for many masters athletes who had to post a “0”.. including me. By simply beginning with a different movement, more Masters could have avoided a “0” with no change to final results – thereby increasing overall participation. 

The Ugly:  Video requirements for the workouts created a chaotic, stress-filled environment that made it less fun for spectators and athletes. I respect and understand the need. But, athletes struggled to find the ideal recoding spot that showed the workout area (shuttle runs!?) and the clock. Starting multiple athletes at the same time proved especially challenging and resulted in a few restarts. I don’t know what the solution is for this one. We got them done, and we’ll likely develop better video strategies for everyone in the future. Maybe we just need more practice & patience. 

My Experience:  While I thought that the QF workouts would be “just like doing class”, as soon as the workouts were announced on Friday, my anxiety levels started to rise. I went from “nbd” to “omg” instantaneously. Just before the start of the final workout Melissa Chatterton and I laughed about “comp anxiety” vs. “class confidence” – if we were in class, we’d be pumped up to start the workout, and planning on unbroken sets and Sugarwod PRs. But, since it was a “Quarterfinal” workout, we were anxious, filled with dread and hoping we didn’t embarrass ourselves. And that is why competition makes us better. We overcome our anxiety and fears and do very hard work to accomplish a goal.

I took my first “0” ever in a CrossFit Competition – I do not have strict handstand push-ups. I rebounded the next day and finish in 43rd place, 13 spots out from qualifying for the Semi-Finals. My weakness was exposed. That is CrossFit. I’ll work on them and hope to do better next year. Overall, I’m really pleased – I’m a class-fitter. My Diablo family (and my wife) are the ones that challenge me to do better every day in class and that almost got me to Semis!

Thank You: to everyone in our community who came out to watch, cheer, judge and help support our competition athletes, 4 Team members and 8 Masters. It made the experience so much better for all of us. 

Finally, Congratulations!:  To my wife, Yvonne, who finished 12th in the World (60-64) and will be moving on to the online Semi-Finals in May!  And, to our Diablo Añejo Team: Jackson, Kristjahn, Beth and Emily, qualified for Semi Finals and will be headed to Pasadena over Memorial Day Weekend.


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