6x Games Athlete (unofficial). Poor surgery timing. Breathe. Froning. Protein & Aging. TWA 5.01.23

“What one has to do usually can be done.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

WHEW, WHAT A WEEKEND!  The CrossFit Games Age Group Semi-Finals for Yvonne & hernia surgery for me.

Yvonne had to complete 4 tough workouts in 3 days, some with two scoring opportunities – with the goal of finishing in the top 10 in order to qualify for the Games. The last workout on Sunday proved to be the most challenging: burpee box jump overs, front rack KB box step ups, rope climbs, goblet squats, legless rope climbs and more burpee box jump overs. Yvonne needed to finish the workout and submit her score by 12PM. She finished the workout at 11:15A with 85 reps, but failed multiple attempts at her 2nd legless rope climb. Unsatisfied with her score, she restarted the workout at 11:40A, and with better pacing, she improved to 107 reps and more legless rope climbs! It was an epic moment. Unofficially, Yvonne finished in 8th place – enough to qualify for her 6th CrossFit Games as a Master!

And, in a classic case of not paying attention to the calendar, I scheduled my inguinal hernia repair surgery on the same Friday that Yvonne’s competition began (ruh-roh). Fortunately, the procedure went very smoothly and I was literally back on my feet and able to watch her workouts the same day.. albeit very gingerly and no complaining. No lifting for 4 weeks. Ugh. Side note: my hernia “surfaced” after back-squatting with an exceptionally tight belt – a bad habit from my younger lifting days. 

BREATHE  This week’s podcast guest is Diablo Member Richard Blake, an exceptional athlete, accomplished bio-hacker, and educated breath work specialist. I’m looking forward to this episode. There has been research published recently regarding the use of breathing to manage anxiety, stress and even depression. Richard’s PhD is based on breathing techniques for improved mental health.


  • Reebok Nano2 – Arguably the best CrossFit shoe ever made is back for a limited time!
  • Reverse Hyper Machine – Diablo has two Reverse Hyper Machines in our open gym area. I use them almost daily as part of my warmup. If you have lower back issues or an injury, this is an incredible machine that helps build lower back & glute strength without spinal loading. It has been used by many athletes for recovery and building a bomb proof back. 
  • Ice Machine – We have an ice-machine at Diablo. It’s in the front room under the coffee machine. Now that things are heating up, you can add ice to your bottle to bring the temperature down.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Had a funny & “friendly” exchange with with @richfroning on Twitter.

May Focus:  Primary: High Bar Back Squat,  Secondary: Push & Row,  Skill: Murph Prep
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Mon80/100c Air Bike. EMOM: Buy-In – 4 Power Snatches, 4 Toes-to-Bar
Tue:  High Bar Back Squat. Metcon: 10>1 KB Swings & 10 Lunges
Wed: Press & Row Complex. Metcon: Amrap 9m – 200m Run + 12 Situps
Thu: Amrap 25m – 60/70c Row, 8 Bar MUps, 15/20c Row, 15DB Snatches, 200m FC
Fri: DUs & Murph Prep. Metcon: 3,6,9,12… Burp Box Jump, Air Bike
Sat: Amrap 16m, DB Hang Snatch, FR Walking Lunge, Situps
Sun: 3RFT – 450/500m Row, 12 HPC, 12 S2OH, 200m Run #75/115


IG: Huberman Lab – Reduce Stress & Improve Mood with physiological sighing. 

IG: 9 Truths About Protein – Patrick McCarthy, Sports Nutritionist @pat_sportsnutritionist  – This is a very good pictorial breakdown about protein quantities needed. 

CrossFit: The Inertia of Aging by Lon Kilgore. “The majority of us are broken only if we accept or believe convention and simply, voluntarily, stop.”  Lon Kilgore, PhD, has been writing for CrossFit since 2003. He’s an accomplished athlete, CrossFitter and excellent analyst. This is a very good article on the physical and biological process of aging and a MUST READ for aging athletes and anyone with aging parents or, . In it he describes the “Viscous Cycle of Aging While Sedentary”.

Stuff: Instagram Wallet – I got suckered into this by Instagram. Admittedly, it works. I can’t believe it. And, I’m kinda digging it. Damn IG ads.

Make it an awesome week!


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