It’s in your head. SPT. Semis are here! No excuses. Badass. Cholesterol. TRT. Electric Car$. The Week Ahead 5.16.22

Diablo Coach & former Div 1 All-American Swimmer, Jackson Miller kicks off “Sport Performance Training” on June 6th!

“Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation is the key to happiness.” Marie Forleo

TWISI (The Way I See It):  Its all in your head. The difference between a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle & diet and an active, healthy one, is almost entirely mental. But knowing that doesn’t make the transition easier. Stopping a behavior (habit) and adding a new one, especially related to diet & exercise, is very hard and can be excruciatingly uncomfortable for some. Transition to healthy habits would be much easier if the rewards were immediate. But they are not. Nutrition & fitness gratification are delayed by weeks, months and even years. Ultimately, most of us know exactly what to do. But we don’t. Life & entrenched habits take over. 

So, what is the solution to overcoming the mental challenge of a major lifestyle change for healthy living? There is no simple solution. And, you should be skeptical of anyone who offers a simple method. The way I see it, immersion into a community of like-minded people (AND, avoiding non-like-minded people) is the best strategy for long term success. I am convinced that the success of CrossFit and CrossFit affiliates is the result of bringing together like-minded, healthy lifestyle people. 

Setting a goal for a new healthy lifestyle is overwhelming. But, prioritizing time to attend a CrossFit class 3-4x a week is very do-able. And that’s how it starts – with one small habit. Then, as James Clear says: you can stack other habits on top. And, the side-benefit with a CrossFit class is that you’ll meet like-minded people who will eagerly support your plan. 

* NEW * DIABLO SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING BEGINS JUNE 6th: Coach Jackson Miller, a former Collegiate Div 1, All-American Swimmer will be training pre-High School, High School & College athletes who want to take their sport performance to the next level. He’ll focus on sport-specific strength, mobility and stability training.  Check out his webpage for the details & registration.

THE CROSSFIT GAME SEMIFINALS ARE COMING!  These competitions are always exciting as the best of the best try to earn their spot at the CrossFit Games in August. This week’s (May 20-22) Semis include:

All of the Semifinals will be airing live on the CrossFit Games YouTube. 

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Stop making excuses. You’re not special. Everyone has a backstory.”

WORKOUTS –  May Focus: Strength & Foundation (Newsletter / Calendar) The week ahead: 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Peter Attia MD – There Is No Good or Bad Cholesterol  “Every cell in our body creates cholesterol” – In this enlightening video, Peter talks about cholesterol and the problem with labeling “good” & “bad.”  This should be mandatory for anyone who is concerned about their cholesterol numbers.

These Guys Are BadAss – Darren Harrison landed a twin engine plane after the pilot passed out & sent the plane into a dive. The amazing air traffic controller Bobby Morgan, was able to talk him down

Sevan Podcast: CA Hormones | Everything You Want to Know About TRT – Sevan has a funny and very interesting conversation with the founders, including Caroline Conner, MD, of CA Hormones, a Testosterone Replacement Therapy medical center out of Orange County, CA. It’s an interesting discussion, but I’m a skeptic. I’m sure there are benefits, but I think the risks outweigh the benefits. There have been a large number of lawsuits over the past 10 years related to supplemental Testosterone treatments & heart attacks & cancer. CrossFit & good nutrition have worked well for me and Yvonne over our 60 years – so I’m kinda biased. 

CrossFit Games Podcast #46 Semifinals Preview with Adrian Bozman – Adrian is an OG and the original “No Rep” boss of CrossFit. He is now the CFG Competition Director and responsible for the standards and penalty protocols for the online competitions, including the Quarterfinals. Adrian takes on questions about scoring issues with the Open & Quarterfinals and handles them very well- acknowledging opportunities for improvement AND deferring some responsibility to athletes and judges. 

The Real Costs of Electric Car Ownership -CNET – I suspected this and am not surprised. The sheer volume and life span of gas/diesel vehicle industry infers significant production & service cost savings that will take years for the alternative fuel industry to match. Fuel cost savings are not enough to make up the difference. In the meantime, Government incentives and individuals willing to absorb the costs will help the alt fuel auto industry to survive. My next vehicle will be a hybrid…despite the cost. 

Make it an awesome week!