Hay is in the Barn. The Games are Good. WTF is ChatGPT Doing? Cold works. About Mal. AND! TWA 5.22.23

The North America West SemiFinals begin on Thursday, May 24th in Pasadena. Diablo Añejo has done the work, and is ready to go. Thank you, Emily Scott, Kristjahn Boyd, Jackson Miller and Beth Stankevich for incredibly hard work and time sacrifice to represent our Diablo Community. We’ll be watching and cheering you on!

“The Hay Is In The Barn” – Phil Albert

MEASURABLE & REPEATABLE   As we head into the peak of CrossFit competition season I’m often drawn into conversations with other affiliate owners about the impact of the CrossFit Games competitions on affiliate memberships. Some affiliate owners believe the Games and the athletes have a detrimental affect on the image of CrossFit. Most owners (and many of you reading this email) have heard prospective members, or friends or even families say things like: “I don’t want to look like that”, “I can’t do that”, “CrossFit is extreme” or “I’ll get hurt doing that”.  I have – many times.

Despite the occasional misinterpretation of CrossFit, I remain a passionate fan of the CrossFit Games and the Sport of Fitness and believe that the Games are incredibly valuable for our business, our community and for CrossFit the methodology. Here’s why:

  • The CrossFit Games creates fans of the sport. CFG media gets more views, more comments and more “likes” than any other CrossFit content. Most significantly for affiliates, members who are fans of the sport are more engaged and more likely to continue CrossFit. It’s one more hook.
  • CrossFit Games athletes represent the ultimate potential of human performance achieved by CrossFit the methodology. And, we can relate on a level not found in other sports – we know the pain and suffering of a challenging metcon, and we know the exhilaration of a PR lift.
  • The CrossFit Games and the Sport of Fitness are only possible because CrossFit workouts are “measurable and repeatable.”  Every single workout we do at Diablo can be measured by repetitions, time, load, distances or a combination of any. Measurable & repeatable allows for a comparison of fitness. If you move a load across the room faster than I, you are more fit (in that domain). Add more workouts in more time & modal domains, and a comparison of fitness can be made.
The CrossFit Games are a unique & distinguishing characteristic of CrossFit. No other methodology can do it. And none can lay claim to the title “Fittest on Earth”.  CrossFit can because, it is measurable and repeatable.

LIVE “TOWNHALL” WITH “THE MAYOR the PRsAllDay podcast, Mon at 10AM PT!  This should be a good one! Diablo’s unofficial “Mayor”, Dean Quiambao is our special guest on the PRsAllDay podcast  tomorrow, Monday. Tune in live on YouTube (@PRsAllDay) or in the Diablo Members FB Group. Or, catch it later on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

MURPH: SIGN UP NOW – MEMORIAL DAY – ‘Murph is arguably the most recognized of all the CrossFit hero workouts (Aug 18, 2005) – Heats begin at 6AM on Monday. Last heat: 10AM. Registration now open on the Diablo App.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Addictions benefit evolution and economics. Unfortunately, the latter includes exploitation.

May Focus:  Primary: High Bar Back Squat,  Secondary: Push & Row,  Skill: Murph Prep
PRsAll Day Calendar & Newsletter

MonHB Back Squat. Metcon: 3RFT – 200m Run, 5 DL, 8T2B #155/225
Tue: Push Press. Metcon: Amrap 8min – 10 DB Hang Cleans, 6 DB STOH, 100m FC
Wed:  “Chelsea” – EMOM30: 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats
Thu: 8min to 1RM Hang Clean. Metcon: E3MOMx4 – 200M Run
Fri: 5RFT – 5 BMUs, 8 Power Snatches, 35 DUs, 12 Lateral Burpee over Bar #75/115
Sat: Amrap 18m – 12/18c Bike, 12 Alt DB Hang Clean, 4 Weighted Pull Ups, 12 Pistols
Sun: 4RFT – 250/300m Row, 25 Situps, 250/300m Row, 5 Wall Walks


ARTICLE:  What Is ChatGPT Doing.. and Why Does It Work – Stephen Wolfram – I have been very curious to learn about how AI actually works – how it makes conversations and documents so quickly and seemingly intelligently. Then, I happened upon this Feb 14, 2023 article by Stephen Wolfram – and now feel like I understand and, as a result, am less afraid. This is a bit geeky but it reads very well and builds slowly. It is a damn good piece and should be required reading for anyone using or anyone worried about AI. Spoiler alert: AI is mostly about probability and statistics and the ability to process large volumes of data very rapidly.

PODCAST:  Huberman Lab – Using Cold & Heat for Health – Dr. Susanna Soberg PhD.  Dr. Soberg is a Danish professor and researcher. She earned her doctoral degree researching the effects of deliberate cold and deliberate heat exposure on metabolism and other aspects of human physiology. If you’re using cold plunges or showers or sauna, you’ll enjoy this one. Dr. Soberg  talks about how deliberate cold protocols can improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity and trigger release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine which enhance energy, mood, and focus. 

PODCASTS:  Sevan Podcast #921 – We KNOW What Happened to Mal O’Brien. Sevan gives his interpretation of what he thinks caused Mal O’Brien to withdraw from the CrossFit Games North America East SemiFinals. You may not agree, and he may be wrong, but you’ll enjoy hearing his perspective: the mental weight of competing at the highest level combined with the high expectations from raving fans on social media led to mental duress. 

  • NetFlix – Untold Stories – The Rise and Fall of AND1 – This is an incredible true story of the rocket ship rise of the AND1 Brand of Basketball shoes based of the popularity of street ball basketball – and their subsequent demise at the hands of Nike and frankly, poor execution. Great storytelling, amazing street basketball scenes and characters and good business & marketing insight. 
  • HBO & NetFlix – 100 Foot Wave Series is all about big wave surfers pursing the ultimate prize: the 100′ wave. The video footage is unbelievable. The athleticism and courage of the surfers AND their jet ski support crew are mindblowing. Caution: this one is equal parts anxiety and inspiration.

Make it an awesome week!