Yvonne’s Semi. Mary Knox for DA. Welcome CJ! Dinos & Laughs. The Week Ahead 5.30.22

Yvonne’s CrossFit Games Semi-Final Competition Begins on Thursday!

“If you don’t like where you are, change it. You’re not a tree.”  Jim Rohn

TWISI (The Way I See It) – Change happens at the polls. It you’re unhappy with the job our elected officials are doing, at a minimum, submit your ballot with your candidates of choice. I’m keenly interested in candidates who support small business, make our cities safe, and live congruently with the policies they endorse. These last two+ years have revealed quite a bit about our current leaders, while admitting that we were living in unprecedented times. 

The only political “endorsement” I’ll offer: if you’re local to Contra Costa County, I support Mary Knox for District Attorney. She’s got 35+ years experience as a prosecutor in the DA’s office and (after speaking with her at length) has a good strategy for reducing street and retail crime that has gotten out of control in the Bay Area. 

WELCOME CHRIS JACKSON!  Chris our newest Diablo United scholarship recipient and an exciting addition to our community! I met Chris while he was working at Road Runner Sports in Concord. He shared his personal story of coaching young track & field athletes in Richmond (he’s a sprinter and a sprint coach) and asked me what it takes to own a gym. Long story, short: I left and later called back to invite Chris in to see our gym. He’s an incredibly positive young man with a passion for helping others. He’s completing his Start Up PTs with Coach Jackson and should be in class by next week. As an extra bonus, Chris will spending some time with our coaches and competition athletes showing us how to run better and faster. 

* LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER * DIABLO SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING BEGINS JUNE 6th: Coach Jackson Miller, a former Collegiate Div 1, All-American Swimmer will be training pre-High School, High School & College athletes who want to take their sport performance to the next level. He’ll focus on sport-specific strength, mobility and stability training.  Check out his webpage for the details & registration.

YVONNE’S SEMI-FINAL COMPETITION STARTS THURSDAY!  Yvonne will have 2 workouts to submit each day for 3 consecutive days.  She’ll be video-ing the workouts and submitting her scores online. A total of 30 women in her age-group (60-64) are competing and only 10 will qualify for the CrossFit Games in August. Post up in our Facebook group when she’ll be doing the workouts if you’d like to come watch & cheer. She’s been following Coach Jamie’s comprehensive programming (@prsallday) and the most prepared she’s ever been for competition. This will be exciting to watch!  Note: the CrossFit Games leaderboard will be updated every day of the competition if you want to watch her progress. 

THE CROSSFIT GAME SEMIFINALS ARE HAPPENING NOW!  These competitions are always exciting as the best of the best try to earn their spot at the CrossFit Games in August.  All of the Semifinals will be airing live on the CrossFit Games YouTube.  

This week’s (June 2-3) Semis include:

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Intermittent fasting doesn’t work if you are intermittent snacking during your fast.

WORKOUTS –  Progressive Programming May Focus: Strength & Foundation 

  • Primary: Front Squat
  • Secondary: Push Press Supersets
  • Skill: Toes-to-bar & Pull Ups

The week ahead: 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Prehistoric Planet – Apple TV.  This is an absolutely incredible piece of computer animation and a fascinating look at several species of Dinosaur. If your children didn’t know that dinosaurs were extinct you could easily convince them they still exist. Alana has been watching this with me – also blown away. 

George Carlin’s American Dream – HBO Documentary.  Sometimes we (I) assume that some people are just naturally talented and lucky. I never really understood the amount of work top comedians put into their craft until I watched this fantastic documentary on the great George Carlin. I loved his comedy and his ability to control language to create hilarious bits. What i learned in this documentary is how hard he worked at multiple stages of his career in order to stay relevant and at the top of the game. Damn good and very fng funny. 

Re-Reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I read this years ago. Needed a refresh of positivity and hope. 

Make it an awesome week!