Time Spent. We Got Nicole Carroll! But 1st, Tim Dymmel. PRs. Ready for Action. TWA 6.12.23

Spending a few days away from the gym with the two who matter most. 

“We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves.”  Galileo Galilei

VACATION TIME!  Yvonne, Alana & I are taking a few days away RV’ing in Pismo Beach. Of course, Yvonne is keeping up on her Games training – we hauled some gear with us. The weather is mild, but it’s still amazing & relaxing to spend time at the coast with family. 

WHERE DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME?  In my reading / social media scrolling this week I came across an interesting tweet from Sahil Bloom about how we spend our time in our lives. The data comes from compiled surveys from 2009 – 2019 (American Time Use Survey). The data is not surprising – but it is revealing. It would be analogous to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day and, at your annual physical, your Doctor said that “you smoke too much”. You wouldn’t be surprised, but you’d start thinking about it more. 

To summarize the data, as we age we spend a lot less time with family & friends, more time with co-workers and more time with our partner. And, since personal relationships (family & friends) influence our lifestyle behaviors its not surprising that good & healthy relationships contribute to a longer life. 

I strongly suspect that the popularity of CrossFit is a direct result of an internal desire we have for good (& healthy) human relationships, which are sometimes hard to find in our family or work lives. And, the added benefit of spending more time with our CrossFit friends is that we get stronger and more fit while doing it. 

Be Happy. Live Longer. Do CrossFit.

MONDAY’S PODCAST:  On Monday, Jamie Lee and I will be talking with my friend, Tim Dymmel, owner of CrossFit Palo Alto (and 4x Games athlete). Tim’s affiliate has been open for 13 years and he does it way different than we do at Diablo. We love to disagree with each other often, but we agree on a few key tenets that are essential for every CrossFit affiliate owner. Tune in on YouTube on Monday at 10AM and check it out.

JUNE 26 PODCAST GUEST REVEALED:  Super excited.. and a bit nervous to host CrossFit icon, Nicole Carroll on the PRsAllDay podcast on Monday, June 26th at 10A!

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Single visits, 10 Packs and Class Pass visits are a deterrent to mutually beneficial long term CrossFit affiliate memberships. They also distract coaches from valuable, committed members.

ABOUT PRsAllDay  “PRsAllDay” is the nickname for Progressive Programming – daily workout programming for Affiliates and individuals that was born at Diablo CrossFit and now is a stand-alone company serving gyms and individuals around the world mostly via the SugarWod app. Diablo Coach Jamie Lee is the owner & founder and head programmer. Diablo has been using PRsAllDay since 2016. He has been programming workouts for clients & affiliates for more than 12 years.

Over the next few months, you’ll be hearing more from PRsAllDay on social media and elsewhere as we share our story more with our member & affiliate community. PRsAllDay programming has contributed greatly to our success as an affiliate and, more importantly, to the fitness of our members. 

PRsAllDay is a CrossFit style training program with strength & skill progressions. PRsAllDay’s programming is based upon a process that coaches can teach and members can easily understand. We don’t just write workouts, we choreograph fitness progress via creative workout programming that allows for scaling at all levels. The evidence of our success are the Personal Records our community posts in Sugarwod and on the PR board in the gym. 

June Calendar & Newsletter
June Focus:  Front Squat, Power Clean, Ring Dips & Chin Ups, 

MonClean Complex. Metcon: Amrap 6 Minutes – 12 DB Snatch & Box Jumps. #35/50
Tue:  “Jackie”
Wed: 5 RFT – 6 Snatch & 15/20c Airbike  #95/135 
Thu: Dips & Chin Ups. Metcon: Amrap 7m – 20 DUs, 8 Burpees, 6 Toes-to-Bar
Fri: Front Squat. Metcon: 6 S2OH, 8 Hang Squat Cleans, 10 DLs, 12 BJs #65/95
Sat: Row 1000/900m, 500/450m, 300/250m + 6,4,2 Wall Walks + 60,40,20 Sit ups.
Sun: 2Rnds ea. – 9 Snatch+15 Pull ups / 6 Sn.+10C2B / 3Sn+5BMU  (95/75, 85/115, 95/135)

CRAIG’S LIST: Make it an awesome week!