FU. TDC Meeting Notes. Bomber Mafia. Stoics. Affiliate Friends. Wod Science. The Week Ahead 6.13.22

A message for the doubters & h8trs. ; )
Dave Castro’s first stop after re-joining CrossFit was Diablo CrossFit to meet with some NorCal Affiliate owners. 

“Let’s make a semi-circle with the chairs so I can talk with everyone”  – Dave Castro

TWISI (The Way I See It) –  Dave reached out last week to ask if we could quickly pull together a group of affiliate owners for a sit down discussion. A dozen long-term NorCal owners were able to rearrange their schedules and make it to Diablo on Tuesday to participate, share their hopes & concerns and ask very candid questions. 

Dave took the time to listen to and talk with each owner. The group discussion focused on:
  • Current affiliate health & membership 
  • CrossFit, CFHQ, CF Education and Competition 
  • What owners need from CF
  • What owners do NOT want from CF
  • What do owners think CF should focus on
  • Ideas to retain and add affiliates
One of the very unique and appealing things about CrossFit’s affiliate model is that each affiliate has its own business model and distinct community. What works for one affiliate, might not work for another. Yet, we all share a passion for the CrossFit methodology, the community, the competition and especially: for the life transformations that happen in our affiliates. 

Here are the primary takeaways from the discussion with the owners (the way I see it):
  • No one knows the mission or goals of CrossFit – internally or externally.
  • Bringing affiliate owners together to share strategies, and create a unified voice is crucial to the healthy growth of CrossFit and the preservation of CrossFit values. 
  • CrossFit media must do more! Owners want CF to become the leading media company in the health & fitness world while telling the amazing stories happening daily in the affiliates. (Side note: Dave revealed that the decline of CF media began almost 2 years before the acquisition of CF)
  • CrossFit Training & Certification is outstanding, but heavily discounted by the general public. “Get certified in a weekend for $1000” is used against us. CF Training needs to build its brand and awareness to increase the perceived value of the L1, L2 & L3.
  • Make L1 & L2 Certification renewal less expensive and less of a burden.
  • Bring back the Journal as a leading resource for information & education for affiliates and CrossFitters.
  • Greg Glassman cracked the code for fitness and has moved on to focus on health science.
  • The Games & Semifinals are out of reach for 99% of affiliate members. The Open is less significant than past years. 2022 reduced the affiliate owner role in the Open.
  • Local competitions & events are highly desirable! They bring communities together and represent an opportunity to demonstrate the fitness we have earned.
Dave Castro listened and took notes. He gave out his contact information for follow up. And, he committed to work very hard – no holds barred – to make all of us proud to represent the CrossFit brand in our affiliates. 

I and the other affiliate owners at the meeting are very excited for the future.

WORKOUTS –  Progressive Programming May Focus: Strength & Foundation 
  • Primary: Front Squat
  • Secondary: Push Press Supersets
  • Skill: Toes-to-bar & Pull Ups
The week ahead: CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

The Bomber Mafia – Malcolm Gladwell.- I‘ve always enjoyed Malcom Gladwell’s books and podcasts. Tipping Point & Outliers are two of my favorite business books. The Bomber Mafia weaves together the stories of a Dutch genius and his homemade bomber sighting system, a band of brothers in central Alabama, a British psychopath, and pyromaniacal chemists at Harvard to examine one of the greatest moral challenges in modern American history. It is an incredibly fascinating story of how technology made aircraft and bombers in particular, a major influence in warfare.

The Daily Stoic – I love quotes from the Stoics, so this book is right up my alley. It is a “follow along” book, with one quote per day by date, including some author interpretations and reflections. You are encouraged to add your own daily notes as you read a passage from one of the historical scholars, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Zeno, Epictetus…

Bare Performance Podcast with Mark Sisson – I have been a huge fan of Mark Sisson, author of the Primal Blueprint for many years. He is a formal champion Ironman Athlete who converted his diet, training & lifestyle to primal living – and improved his health and fitness dramatically. In this podcast Mark digs into glucose management, training on a Keto diet, the role of insulin for energy, the consequences of excessive carbs & sugar and soooo muich more. 

Varied Not Random Podcast: The Value of Gym Owners Befriending Other Gym Owners – OGs Pat Sherwood and Adrian Bozman discuss the value of affiliate owners reaching out and talking with each other. Loved this one – and am absolutely a fan of the idea. Getting together with other owners helped me make it through the pandemic in tact and sane!

If you like to geek out on exercise science and CrossFit follow these guys on IG:  @wod_science. – Cool stuff!

Make it an awesome week!