I Quit Running. 2 Killer Guests! Obesity Brain. Late Burpees? RFK, Jr. 5 Lessons For Happiness TWA 6.19.23


“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” Lao Tzu

I STOPPED RUNNING – It wasn’t easy to give it up. But, at age 60, I’m better off and healthier.

My running addiction began almost 30 years ago while living in San Diego. Every day, I’d go for a 3-5 mile casual run, often with my dog – nothing too serious – mostly just to get some cardio work. However, when Yvonne & I moved to Austin in 2000, my work friends coaxed me into training for the annual Austin Marathon that was preceded by several shorter distance events. I quickly became hooked on running, putting in 30-40 miles a week in the off season and even more in-season. Over the next 5 years, I finished 5 marathons and many more halfs, 10ks and a few triathlons. I had a blast training with my friends and traveling to competition events. Admittedly, the “runners high” was also quite addictive.

When I discovered CrossFit at the end of 2004, my running volume fell to about 20 miles a week. I ran mostly to exercise  my dogs and clear my mind in the morning. I’ve been running 2-4 miles almost daily since then. Open space trail running is my absolute favorite meditation tool.

With all of the mileage, however, came injuries, most notably, multiple bouts of plantar fasciitis and hip pain. My triathlete neighbor in San Diego warned me many years ago: “you only have so many miles in you”.  I scoffed at his comment back then. Now, I understand what he meant. Most recently, after suffering an inguinal hernia (from heavy lifting), I noticed that the impact of running further irritated my injury. So, since my dogs still needed exercise, I decided to take a break from running and just walk. And, after three months, I realize that I prefer walking – in fact, I love it. Here’s why:

  • Walking is more relaxing. I take in the sights around me more than I ever did while running – always focusing on my next step and controlling my breathing.
  • My mind thinks more clearly – ideas flow in and out as soon as I start my walks. I’ve resolved many business and life challenges in my head on my walks.  
  • There is no soreness, excessive fatigue or soreness after my walks. Impact is significantly reduced and I don’t need special running shoes for walking.
  • I’ve met and talked to many more neighbors and others in the neighborhood since I switched to walking. Kinda funny: several other “walkers” have asked me: “how come you’re not running anymore?”
  • The metabolic benefit of walking is almost identical to and maybe better than running – especially since I walk first thing in the morning prior to eating (and in the evening after eating). 
  • If I want to work a little harder, I’ll throw on a weighted back pack (usually 2-3x a week) and “Ruck” walk. 
  • My CrossFit workouts have improved since I switched to walking

Of course, I’ll still run during CrossFit workouts that require running, but I may not be as fast. And that’s ok, because the trade-off has been amazing. 

Give it a try. And, leave your phone at home. 


TWEET OF THE WEEK:  The path to success as a CrossFit affiliate owner begins with: “I am going to…” – not: “CrossFit needs to..”

June Calendar & Newsletter
June Focus:  Front Squat, Power Clean, Ring Dips & Chin Ups, 

Mon“Larry” (Hero Workout): 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 – FSquats, BFBurpees + 200m SB Carry. #75/115
Tue: Clean Complex. Metcon – Amrap 7m: 7 S2OH + 20/30c Row (#95/135)
Wed: Dips & Chin Ups. Metcon – Amrap 9m: Burpee Pull-ups & T2B – 2,2,4,4,6,6,…
Thu: Hang Snatch. Metcon – 3RFT: 15 HPSnatch + 200m Run #75/155
Fri: Front Squat. Metcon – 21-15-9 Airbike & Thrusters
Sat: Open 11.2 – Amrap 15m: 9 DLs, 12 HRPU, 15 BJs #100/155
Sun: E3MOMx5 (w/1m Rest) – 1 Rope Climb, 12 FC Box Step Ups, 12 DB Strict Press


Research: Obesity May Permanently Change The Brain – Yale Study Finds Severely Impaired Response to Nutrients. – This is an important discovery that needs significant follow-up! I have believed for many years that there is MORE to the incredibly fast increase in obesity in this Country than just “calories in and calories out”.  Researchers found that the detection of nutrients in the stomach are largely diminished in people with obesity. In other words, hunger is not satisfied. 

Podcast:  Burpees for Late Arrivals??  CrossFit Palo Alto owner and my good friend, Tim Dymmel shares some of his OG business practices that helps his affiliate thrive.. and would likely never work at Diablo (maybe?).  This was a very fun conversation.

IG: 5 Lessons for Happiness – Lewis Howes  – I love this post, agree and re-shared.

Podcast: #1999 – Joe Rogan with Robert Kennedy Jr. – Spotify – I was blown away by this one because I USED to think RFK’s ideas were off-kilter. Post pandemic experience, I believe RFK is credible. During the pandemic, I personally experienced & witnessed Government overreach, corporate & medical dissemination of misinformation, and worst of all, blind public acceptance and scorn for having an opposing opinion. When I reflect back on 30+ years of experience in the corporate world, it is easy to understand how abuse of public trust happens and how profits can overshadow morals. The bottom line: critical thinking is an essential life skill and do your own research. 

Podcast: “It Depends” Podcast May 18 & 25 – Don Faul – CF Region Manager Katie Hogan and Affiliate Owner Jordan Holland talk with CF CEO Don Faul about the future of CrossFit – ideas for growth, managing affiliates and more. They spread the interview over two podcasts – and both have great content: May 18th & May 25th. 

Make it an awesome week!