Recession. Transformation. Local Comps. Creatine. UFOs. Ikigai. Hunger Molecule. The Week Ahead 6.20.22

Diablo Competition athletes representing @prsallday at the “Girls Gone Rx” competition this weekend.

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit, but it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” David Goggins

TWISI (The Way I See It) –  We’re in a recession, and probably will be for many months, possibly a few years. As many people know, my first career was in the investment industry (28 years), most recently working for the global investment bank, Nomura. I experienced several financial crises during that time, and witnessed the recoveries as well. We’ll get through this, but it could take longer than past downturns.

Why are we here? I think most people know the answer to this: during the pandemic our Government directly added almost $9 trillion to the economy. Much of this money helped many businesses and individuals financially survive the pandemic. And a lot of it created demand for products and services that heated up the economy and contributed to inflation of prices especially in the investment, real estate and crypto currency markets. The accelerated rate of consumer demand and investment appreciation growth are unsustainable longterm, thus the correction, in my opinion. 

So what does the future hold? The way I see it, our Government has much more influence over the markets than in previous decades. I honestly believe that the Gov’t will not let the investment markets “crash” – rather, they’ll permit a correction likely equivalent to the amount of cash added to the economy during the pandemic: ie, $9 trillion. In other words, the Federal Reserve will let some of the air out of the over-inflated balloon. Currently, the stock markets are down almost 30% for 2022 – and, are likely nearing the bottom, assuming the Federal Reserve intervenes as predicted. 

Bitcoin and other cryptos are on their own, however. The reality is that the total market cap for crypto ($1T) is impressive but not enough to significantly impact our economy. And, the largest cryptos will survive and thrive, especially as the largest investors increase buying for support. Hopefully, pricing volatility will wane after this experience. 

Finally, the upside of a recession is that many people tend to turn their focus on the things they can influence the most: their health, their family and their homes. I’m hopeful that fitness makes a comeback after two long years of pandemic-related avoidance. 

CrossFit Saves Lives – If you follow CrossFit on social media you’re sure to have seen many transformational stories: how CrossFIt and the CrossFit community transformed the life of someone in dire poor health. At Diablo, we have witnessed these types of transformations within our own community and it is extremely motivating and inspiring when it happens. Recently, Coach Cole received a very cool “thank you” text message from one of our members who had an very uplifting visit with his doctor. The message is worth sharing: 

“I had physical today and a follow up on the high blood pressure issue. I haven’t had a physical in a couple years. So my doctor walks in and looks me up and down. First thing says: ‘Man you look good.’ He does the physical – my blood pressure is 127 / 71, which is very normal and great for me.

He sits down at his computer and looks back at me and says: ‘how old are you?’  I tell him: ‘I’m 62’ and he turns around says ‘alright so you’re 62 you and you’re on the smallest dose of a blood pressure med I can give you. You’ve lost weight. No other meds, and you look great, what’s up??’

I say: ‘CrossFit and eating right. No sugar and no processed foods.’ He was like: ‘dude keep it up!’  Honest, he was impressed. I’m nothing like the average 62 year old he sees. So, thanks!!”

Local Comps Are Coming Back!  From 2013 – 2017, affiliates in the Bay Area hosted a small CrossFit competition almost every weekend. For several years, Diablo hosted 3 or 4 events a year. Local comps were always fun events to test fitness while sharing the day with other affiliates and the CrossFit community.

Then, in 2018, the Open schedule and Games qualifying requirements changed, the pandemic struck and CrossFit was sold. Local comps literally ceased. However, in 2022, several affiliates around the Bay have launched competitions, most selling out quickly. The biggest, NorCal Classic, was a 3 day event for RX & scaled individuals, teams and masters.

This weekend, 3 Diablo members (Teresa Bran, Cynthia Pammett & Brittany Benedetto) participated in a team competition, “Girls Gone Rx” at CrossFit Sav-Up in Petaluma. It was a well-run event at a great venue. Athletes and fans hung out, shared experiences, checked out vendor booths and competed in some challenging workouts. I got a chance to catch up with several gym owners. It was CrossFit 2015 all over again – and it was amazing. 

And, congratulations to our members, Teresa, Cynthia and Brittany (Team “PR or ER”) on their 2nd place finish in the “Rx” division. It was a blast watching you compete and cheering you on. 

If you’re interested in trying a local CrossFit competition, here a a few of the most popular websites for registration & information:

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “CrossFit Affiliates are essentially indoctrination centers for CrossFit the methodology, CrossFit Training, and the CrossFit Games. Affiliates create believers, coaches, owners, athletes and fans.”

WORKOUTS – Primary Focus: Front Squat,  Secondary: Push Press Supersets Skill: Toes-to-bar & Pull Ups
Progressive Programming
The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Rhonda Patrick: Creatine supplementation may enhance resistance training adaptation.- this is something that is “known” among most weightlifters. Creatine works. But, RP is reporting on a newly released study that validates the postivie effects of creatine supplementation on strength training and cognitive performance. Important: “more” is not “better” with Creatine supplementation! Hydration is essential to preventing cramping and kidney stress. 

Joe Rogan with Michio Kaku #1828 – This was a really fun podcast on UFOs, life on other planets and the future of the human race. Dr. Michio Kaku is a favorite of mine. He is a theoretical physicist, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. I watched him many times on the Discovery Channel. He has an uncanny ability to explain complex science in easy to understand language. 

Biggest Retirement Challenge – This is NOT just for retirees – it is a lesson for everyone. This article talks about the need for health and a “purpose” in retirement and life, something that is essential for self-satisfaction and ultimately happiness. The author talks about the Japanese philosophy of Ikagi – “reason for being”  – which has lead me to purchase my next book!

‘Anti-hunger’ molecule forms after exercise, scientists discover.(Stanford Medicine) – This is somewhat obvious to those of us who do CrossFit. We usually don’t feel like eating a meal after a good workout. Now, scientists have discovered the actual link to exercise and appetite. Naturally, the interest is in converting the formula into a pill – ugh.  (“Does this finding hold promise for that ever-elusive diet pill? There’s potential — but don’t count on it just yet”). In the meantime, perhaps this kind of data will motivate people to get off the couch and off the carbs.

Make it an awesome week!