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Very inspirational drop-in today! We were honored to host @sarah.m.perry in class today with Coach @alessandrapichelli ! Sarah is a 2023 @crossfitgames podium finisher in the Adaptive Division for Vision Impaired Athletes. She placed 3rd overall in the world in the Open – the only stage of competition for her division.

“My competency is solely determined by my efficacy.” Coach Glassman 

AGING SPURTS – “You look amazing for your age.” It’s something that Yvonne and I hear from time to time. It makes us feel good and, we hope, helps influence others to incorporate fitness and healthy nutrition into their lives. Yet, despite our fitness, we’re still aging – experiencing what everyone else does at our age – albeit likely less severe and perhaps delayed. One of the many great things about CrossFit is that it has made us both more durable – offsetting much of the fragility that normally affects people our age (61 & 60). 

Personally, I’ve noticed that aging happens in stages or “spurts”, perhaps a continuation of “growth spurts” we experienced as children. My eyesight seemed to deteriorate almost immediately as soon as I hit 45 and had to buy reading glasses. It was a bit of a shock to be honest. Then, when I turned 50, I noticed that my mobility, particularly my shoulders, was starting to limit my lifts and gymnastic movements. It seemed to happen suddenly. Around 55, I noticed that I was becoming very tentative with jumping movements and running downhill was out of the question. I felt the impact throughout my whole body – not just my feet or knees. I began to feel fragile. Now at 60, I realize that I need a significant amount of time to warm-up and mobilize before any exercise. Warmups & mobilizing have never been my jam – so this has taken some time to adjust and accommodate. No longer can I trust the 1st round to be my warm-up. Mornings are the hardest.. I am that guy that has to lay on the bed on his back to put his socks on. Finally, the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is to allow more time for recovery and healing – I just don’t bounce back like I used to. My CrossFit training is 2 days on and 1 day off – ideal for me. And, if I’m still feeling it, I’ll take an extra day off and walk, ruck or do a little bodybuilding. 

It’s all good for both of us. We’re approaching aging as a challenge: we want to be the best versions of our physical selves at every age and set an example for others to follow (and improve upon). We leave our egos at the door and appreciate the good things in life more than ever. 


  • NICOLE CARROLL – MON 6/26 @10AM:  CrossFit GM, Director Of Training & OG OG. Nicole is the OG of OGs – and has been leading the CF training department for almost 20 years. She is an amazing coach, an accomplished public speaker and an outstanding writer. Nicole was one of my Level 1 instructors She is also one of the original “Nasty Girls“. We look forward to talking with her about her long history and the plans for the future of CrossFit.
  • Tune in on PRsAllDay YouTube and check it out.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “A 1 mile walk to the park (and back) to complete 50 squats and 25 push ups does more for your overall fitness than a 3 mile run. Both are far better than nothing.”

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June Focus:  Front Squat, Power Clean, Ring Dips & Chin Ups, 

Podcast: Dave Castro’s Weekly Update – hear about his recent promotion from Dave directly.

Podcast:  It Depends: Dale King is The Coolest & He Knows It. (Skip to min 29:00) CF Region Manager Katie Hogan & Affiliate Owner Jordan Holland interview Dale King, founder of Doc Spartan and Affiliate Owner (CrossFit PSKC – ground zero for the Opioid epidemic). Dale is an amazing man and opened his affiliate to serve the recovering addict community in Portsmouth, Ohio. His company Doc Spartan (Shark Tank) sells amazing skin care products and contributes generously to veterans groups. 

Article/Research: A Cholesterol-Lowering Alternative To Statins – Bempedoic Acid.   I’m just digging into this new supplement, but it appears that it may reduce heart-disease deaths and heart attacks according to recent research published by the JAMA Network. In my opinion (and research), statins are grossly over-prescribed in this Country and may contribute to a higher incident rate of diabetes. They are the single largest revenue producing drug for big Pharma. Perhaps BA is a safer alternative for those with excessively and uncontrollably high cholesterol levels. 

IG: How Many Sticks of LMNT Can I Have In A Day – LMNT is fast becoming a staple in the CrossFit community, providing sodium, potassium & magnesium in a flavored water additive. It tastes amazing and comes in many flavors. I’ll have one a day – which I feel helps me with water retention. In other words, I don’t have to pee as much. And, since I CrossFit, the minerals are a great replacement post workout. But, as with most things, more is not necessarily better. Check out this post for a recommended daily dosage (hint: start with 1 a day..). 

  • Reebok Nano2s Are Back for Good!
  • Internet Purchase:  Fas-Top Soft Shell & Tonneau Cover. I have a bigger truck now.. long story short: the Tundra was struggling to pull my camper & Jamie Lee wanted to buy it. Sold the Tundra to Jamie and bought a used GMC 2500. If you recall, I had a really innovative bed shell from Flated – literally an inflatable camper shell for bed. When I went to buy one for the GMC I discovered that company has gone crazy since their appearance on Shark Tank and were out of inventory for months. So, I took a chance on another company: Fas-Top – and I’m really impressed. When not using the soft camper shell, it folds up nicely under a really slick tonneau cover for the bed. You get two products in one!
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