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Coming to Diablo?!
Recently joined OG Jason Khalipa’s Saturday Morning Men’s Club outdoor workout & coffee: bringing men together for fitness, camaraderie and conversations.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” Tony Robbins

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  • The “El Diablo” Sled
  • Castro’s Games Athlete Intros
  • Alcohol = Cigarrettes
MY OZEMP-GOVY THOUGHTS  A few days ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a woman who – when she found out what I do – told me that she lost 80lbs in less than a year. She looked great and was clearly excited about her weight loss success. When I asked her how she achieved her dramatic weight loss, she quickly said: “Ozempic!… And a lot of cardio.”  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, but I sincerely appreciated her candor. I replied: “wow! I’ve heard that it works, and you probably helped the process with exercise.”  Admittedly, I could not resist telling her to add strength training to her regimen. And, I had soooo many questions about her experience with Ozempic. Fortunately, she was eager to share her story.

Ozempic and Wegovy are the two most well-known semaglutide (GLP-1) injections  Semiglutides were originally conceived for diabetics to help lower blood sugar by helping the pancreas make more insulin. After showing positive results for weightloss, semiglutides have become very popular among celebrities and influencers. However, some serious side-effects are being reported. I won’t get into the side effects but, any drug that directly affects the endocrine system should be given careful consideration before treatment. 

My first question for the Ozempic user was: “why do you think Ozempic helped you lose weight?” She replied very matter-of-factly: “it made me feel full.”  This was very interesting to me – and very encouraging. I believe that battling hunger pangs (triggered by the hormone ghrelin) is the biggest obstacle for weight loss for many. Keep in mind, there are myriad reasons (physical & emotional) that the brain may release ghrelin, and they do not always indicate a need to eat. So, If you couple severe hunger with readily-available, calorie dense foods everywhere and the very slow process of weight loss for someone with obesity, it is easy to understand how most people cannot lose weight. 

At the end of the conversation, the Ozempic user said that two of her friends that did not exercise but took Ozempic did not have the same success as she did. She added that exercise is “my new addiction” AND she was officially off of Ozempic. I was impressed by her attitude and new lifestyle commitment – which was enabled by a semiglutide. So, what’s my opinion? Frankly, healthy eating and exercise are incredibly daunting for most people with sedentary lifestyles, especially since results are slow to show. I think semiglutides can be the catalyst that provokes a radical change in behavior to reverse obesity (and the many other related chronic diseases) if they are used in conjunction with a diet and lifestyle change. 

After my conversation with a successful Ozempic-user, I’m very hopeful for many. 

STAY THE COURSE!  Tomorrow is the 8th. if you’re doing our pushup / squat challenge, you have to complete 40 pushups and 40 squats. This week is when you should consider breaking up the work throughout the day. The best method is to commit to 2, 3 or 4 specific times to do the work (for the rest of the challenge!). Here’s a good way to think about it:  20 push ups and 20 squats (half) requires only 2-10 minutes to complete. So, you’ll need to adjust your regular daily schedule to accommodate 2-10 mins of work a few times day. Set a daily alarm on your phone. You got this! 

If you quit (or forgot!) and you want back in here’s an easy way to get back on the train:
  • Start tomorrow with your 40/40, and add 5/5 each day to make up your lost reps
  • On the 1st of August, do a “make-up” session for any reps you missed!
A BIT ABOUT DIABLO:  El Diablo” Sled/Wheelbarrow  – In 2012, my partner Jeremy Jones, a Mechanical Engineer, designed a multi-purpose weight sled that we branded “El Diablo.” The idea for the sled came from the 2010 CrossFit Games Event 4 “Sandbag Move”  (watch!!) which required the athletes to move sandbags from one end of the stadium to the other with a wheelbarrow. In that event, the wheelbarrows were incredibly unsteady and clearly not built for the loads the athletes put in them, and they broke in competition!  Jeremy was also obsessed with creating multi-use equipment for gyms for efficiency & space (push-pull sled & wheelbarrow).

El Diablo was made of steel tubing and is triangular in shape with three flat feet for sliding on turf, asphalt or grass. It had vertical high bars on one end and a low t-bar on the opposite end for high & low sled pushes. What was unique about it, was the front wheel attachment that only made contact when the backend was lifted, like a wheel barrow. It could easily support hundreds of pounds of weight. It was an impressive piece of equipment, but it was….
  • Expensive to build (all steel tubing)
  • Heavy to ship (120+lbs)
  • Difficult to store (heavy & awkard)
  • Not ideal for multiple purchases (people don’t replace them)
We stopped manufacturing and selling the Diablo in 2016 when it was no longer financially viable. We manufactured and sold less than 100 units. But, we still have one (stored out back)!


June Focus: 1. Clean & Jerk  2. Snatch  3. Bar Gymnastics

YouTube – CF Games!: Dave Castro’s Games Athlete Introductions – This is one of the coolest ideas for promoting the CrossFit Games ever. Each interview is about 10mins long (8mins on 1.25 speed!). Dave Castro, the Director of the Games is going to interview ALL 80ish athletes participating in the 2024 CF Games. He has already talked to 48. Dave does not know most of the athletes so the interviews serve as an awesome introduction for all of us. The questions & answers are short, fast and to-the-point. They’re also pretty damn funny. Do yourself a favor and check ’em out. They’re also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify (CrossFit Games).

YouTube – The Truth About Alcohol. This is an impressive examination of the effects of alcohol on the human body, looking at the science and misconceptions and especially the health effects. RP talks about hangovers, sleep, exercise impact, fertility and more.  EVERYONE should watch / listen to this. It’s startling and based upon a lot of clinical research and covers minimal, moderate and excess consumption risks. 

YouTube: Alcohol & Cancer: Drinking alcohol may carry the SAME risk of cancer as smoking cigarettes.. 

Make it an awesome week!