69yo Phil is a beast. Anyone can do it. Larger Bodies. Dale King saving lives. H. Arnold. Don Faul TWA 7.17.23

On Saturday, 14 competition teen Cheer athletes came in for an Olympic lifting clinic with Coaches Carrie & Amy. Two weeks ago, member Phil Meyer PR’d his deadlift at 245# at age 69. He started CrossFit at age 68.

“The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”  Greg Glassman

Every damn day at Diablo we have an incredible diversity of humans doing CrossFit together: men, women, teens, disabled, seniors, former athletes, current athletes and many first-time exercisers. And everyday, the SugarWOD leaderboard fills with remarkable performances from everyone – all reaping the physiological and mental benefits of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. 

CrossFit, by design, is scalable for everyone. One need look no further for evidence of the incredible scalability of CrossFit than CrossFit’s Social Media. The stories are incredible and humbling… life changing for many. 

As a result, we should ALL feel incredibly confident referring CrossFit to ANYONE. A competent CrossFit coach can deliver an appropriately scaled workout to anyone of any skill or ability. CrossFit coaches have an incredible amount of resources and training support to help them with every type of human. In September, Diablo is hosting the Working with Larger Body athletes for CrossFit coaches who want to learn how to deal with the severely obese athlete. 

Nonetheless, while CrossFit is for anyone, it’s not for everyone. We all have preferences for everything that we do, purchase or consume in our lives. Everyone SHOULD move and get stronger – and there’s plenty of ways to do that. But, if you don’t know how to get started, visit a CrossFit gym and we’ll show you the way. 

WORKING WITH LARGER BODIES – Coaching Certification will be at Diablo CrossFit on September 30th. Hosted by the amazing Athena Perez, this CrossFit certified coaches’ training program was created to help CrossFit coaches understand the physical and mental needs and limitations of larger body athletes. Registration is limited to 12! 


TWEET OF THE WEEK: “If we want to make this country great again, then we need to make people great again.”

July Calendar & Newsletter
July Focus:  Front Squat, Power Clean, Ring Dips & Chin Ups, 

Cool Things: Hydrogen Power – Nice Car, Reasonable Price, Free Fuel for 3 yrs.  Random conversation with a guy at the carwash led to him raving about his new Toyota Mirai which is Hydrogen Powered – zero carbon emissions and free fuel from Toyota for 3 years. It does look amazing. I’ve been a fan of hydrogen fuel cell tech and Toyota is betting big – as are many others, given the challenges of extracting rare-earth minerals for batteries. 

Article: He’s Saving Addicts by the Hundreds. Why Is His Hometown Fighting Him?  Read this one before our Podcast! This is the story of Dale King’s amazing recovery CrossFit in Portsmouth Ohio. This article gives a great summary of the Opiod epidemic that began in his town and the traumatic impact it has had on the community. It ends with the story of Dale King and his incredible work to turn things around. 

Netflix Docu-series: ARNOLD Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of my teen-age heroes. His breakout movie, Conan The Barbarian, inspired me to spend many hours at the gym lifting weights. This is a cool, three part series based upon different phases of his incredible life: (1) Athlete – 7x Mr. Olympia!, (2) Actor – Hollywood’s top grossing actor, and (3) Politician – 3x California Governor. It is inspiring and also honest, as Arnold is very open and humbled by his transgressions. 

Podcast: Talking Elite Fitness With CrossFit CEO Don Faul – This is a very recent conversation and very significant, since Don Faul has been at the helm almost 1 full year. I really enjoyed this conversation as Don talks about plans for the future and reveals the immense amount of progress he has made so far – mostly bringing the silos within CrossFit together with a shared vision. 

Make it an awesome week!