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Godspeed Hilary. We are going to miss you.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”  Rose Kennedy

WE LOST A GOOD ONE.  Hillary Rickher passed away last night after a long fight with cancer for a 2nd time. She was with her family – comfortable and at peace. A part of our Diablo family since 2011, Hillary was a good friend of many and a tremendous inspiration for all of us. She was always positive, smiling and happy. Hilary loved her family, her dogs, her fitness, the outdoors and her work. Please, during your next workout, hike, run or walk, reflect back on your best memory of Hilary and smile. I think she would enjoy that. Godspeed, Hillary.

COURAGE. My recent re-entry into regular cold plunges has got me thinking about the mental process to embrace this crazy habit. Despite how great I feel physically and mentally AFTER spending 5 minutes in 45deg water, I still procrastinate and make excuses to avoid the effort. The first 30 – 60 seconds are very uncomfortable. After that, I settle in, focus on my breathing and relax. When I’m done, I’m energized and, to be honest, proud of myself for having the courage to overcome my fear. It’s exhilarating. If you want to know the science – check out a Huberman or Rhonda Patrick podcast or post

We are creatures of habit, sometimes to our detriment. Moving out of our comfort zones to try new things, experience adventure, take on a challenge, or do hard work requires courage. Not surprising, satisfaction, relief, joy, and growth usually result from embracing courage. Our first time working out at a CrossFit gym took courage for most of us. In fact, the more de-conditioned we were, the more courage it took to get started. But, once we settled into our new healthy habit, the physical results came – and so did the joy of accomplishment.

I’ve noticed, that as I age, my habits become more engrained and I gravitate toward safety and comfort. I think it’s in our DNA. Courage wanes, especially if our health and fitness have declined. And, to make matters worse, social anxiety also holds us back. We don’t try new things. We avoid perceived dangers and hard effort. We choose the path of least resistance.  And, as a result, we also miss out on the reward on the other side: the sense of accomplishment, the physical & mental benefits, and the pride and happiness. 

Have courage. Embrace adventure. Do hard things. It will make you healthy and happy.

FANTASY CROSSFIT!! – Leaderboarding the CrossFit Games just got a LOT more fun! My friend Tyler Watkins, a CrossFit statistician and frequent podcast analyst, has officially launched his new Fantasy App for the CrossFit Games and other CrossFit competitions: HEAT1 App. He’s been working on this for a YEAR!  Just make your picks for the Top 10 Men & Women finishers on the app. and that’s YOUR team. Or, play the “Shot Caller” game: for each event you will pick 1 male and female and earn their points in the event. But you can only play an athlete 2x throughout the Games! 

Tyler will have daily prizes for the best picks. Follow on IG:  Apple App.  Google App. 

BERKELEY PD IS HIRING!  Former member and Berkeley PD Captain, Jen Tate alerted me to BPD’s need for quality people – and CrossFitters are a good place to look. And, BPD is a 2023 Diablo Comp Team Sponsor. Check out the impressive pay & benefits packages for Officers and Dispatchers! (click). Feel free to pass these along to friends & family. 

NOBULL GETS A NEW INVESTOR – Thank goodness! Given that they were able to secure a majority interest, NoBull desperately needed it. Mike Repole, the founder of BodyArmor beverage stepped up to acquire a majority interest. He has the experience to scale NoBull – the bane of many emerging shoe & apparel companies. Remember AND1?


TWEET OF THE WEEK: Success, growth, and happiness reside on the other side of courage.

July Calendar & Newsletter
July Focus:  Front Squat, Power Clean, Ring Dips & Chin Ups, 

IG: Peter Attia – What Is A Concussion?  This is amazing AND, I cannot believe that I did not know the scientific definition/description. Full podcast #263 coming next week!

Podcast: Huberman Lab How to Enhance Performance & Learning by Applying a Growth Mindset  – This is the best “mindset” discussion I’ve heard – especially for raising children. Huberman relies on some very good data and four important Doctors in this one. It is very good – praise effort not results. 

Article: Weekend CrossFit still yields positive results: it’s OK to wait for the weekend, new research findsThis is based upon a large UK study. They found that as long as the activity is rigorous, there are significant physical benefits. It’s kinda obvious, but good news nonetheless. 

Article: Terminator 2: Scientists observe metal repairing itself for the first time. Granted, it was nano-size, but it happened. 

I’m on the road for the next 3 weeks as I make my way to the CrossFit Games with the trailer, my daughter and a Chihuahua. We set up a comfortable living situation for Yvonne – and hang out in the RV park with our perennial RV neighbors. If you’re at the Games, please stop by and say hello! We’ll have a big PRsAllDay tent, and a Diablo flag flying and I’ll post updates to my IG on the #roadtothegames2023.