Road Trip. We Need The Games. Hardship Helps. Hustle. Stop Aging. Meteors. Badwater. 400m Hurdles. The Week Ahead 7.25.22

Headed out to the CrossFit Games reppin’ Toyota Walnut Creek!  This is my 3rd roadtrip with my daughter – Yvonne’s flying since she’s competing!! Check out the back story on the cool retro-racing Tundra.

“The needs of the elderly and professional athletes vary by degree, not kind.”  Greg Glassman

APOLOGY!  Sorry for the late email! I’m literally writing this using sketchy RV park wireless internet  at the Arches National Park in Utah (at 11:45PM). I’ve had an incredibly hectic week preparing for my driving trip to the CrossFit Games with my daughter. When a Diablo athlete competes, we like to have our RV there as a “home base” to hang out, meal prep or nap away from the crowds. Since Yvonne is competing, gotta make sure we have a home away from home for her. She’ll be flying out early next week.

Follow me on IG Stories for my roadtrip adventure updates!  And if you’re heading to the Games: come visit me in the RV park. And, Coach Jamie Lee will be there as well reppin’ @prsallday!

TWISI (The Way I See It) – The CrossFit Games media hype is in high gear! And not everyone is happy about it. Some affiliates aren’t fans of the CFG because it does not represent what is happening in their gyms, where they are changing the lives of everyday people with CrossFit.  I get that – and, frankly, I’m most proud of the lives we have positively impacted at Diablo as well. But, the way I see it is that the CrossFit Games are the ultimate manifestation of what we do in the gym every day. And, the Games are a unique and distinguishing characteristic of CrossFit – no one else can lay claim to “The Fittest.” Thus the CFG athletes become our beacons for the ultimate possibility of human performance – and we learn from them. They are kinda like Formula 1 race cars for the major car brands. Except our race cars are Justin Medieros, Tia Toomey, Mat Fraser & Rich Froning. 

And, since CrossFit workouts are “measurable and repeatable” – it allows for performance improvement measurement for everyone – we can compete with our past selves. It also allows for competition in our methodology: Fran is Fran, no matter where in the world it is done. So, “measurable & repeatable’ allows the Games to happen. And, the Games are a validation of our definition of fitness: “increased work capacity across broad time & modal domains.” 

So, even though most affiliates may never have a member athlete compete at the CrossFit Games, the fitness methodology and values that they use to change lives of members are the foundation upon which the CrossFit Games have been built. 

GAMES SCHEDULE – No Heat Times Yet, but here’s the preliminary schedule for the 2022 Games:

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “I operate on the premise that everyday life should some include physical hardship. We have the capacity to overcome. When we do, we feel & perform better overall. It’s in our DNA.”

WORKOUTS –  Progressive Programming Calendar July.  PRsAllDay Newsletter
The week ahead:  

Go to Sugarwod for this week’s workouts! I’m doing RV park workouts this week – kettlebells & dumbbells. 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Netflix:  Adam Sandler – Hustle. Arguably Sandler’s best movie ever. This is a serious role for him, but an amazing feel-good story about an NBA Scout who makes a rare athlete find in Spain. Loved it. 

The Knowledge Project: #136 David Sinclair: Reversing The Aging Process. Sinclair is a biologist & genetics expert who thinks we can live past 100. This is a fantastic podcast that digs into supplements, diet, exercise and more. 

Asteroid Impact Video:  it you want to know how things are gonna end for the human race, watch this very frightening video. Holy crap. 

Dementia & Pharma: Two Decades of Alzheimer’s research may be based on deliberate fraud.  Multiple bio-tech companies have produced drugs based on the research, which led to epic failures and the loss of many lives. 

77yo Bob Becker – oldest man to finish Badwater... 135 miles, 120deg heat. This guy is a fng stud. This in an incredible feat – and an inspiring performance. Be sure to read the caption!

SO COOL! Sydney McLaughlin demolished the field at the World Athletics Championships, winning the 400m hurdles with a mind-blowing time of 50.68! She has broken the world record for this event every year for the last 3 years.

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