6th Games. Cheer Coach! August Focus. Born to Run? Athlete Insight. Do What the Amish Do. Medical Journals Dying. TWA 7.31.23

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”  Tim Notke

6TH CROSSFIT GAMES .. as a Master, Yvonne has qualified for the CrossFit Games in ’12, ’13, ’17, ’18, ’22, and ’23. She’s passionate about CrossFit and is a passionate competitor. She didn’t play high school or collegiate sports – her parents emigrated to the US and worked multiple jobs. They didn’t know about organized youth sports and thus didn’t encourage it. After graduating high school, Yvonne immediately went to work as a hair stylist after beauty school. And, she loved exercising and gym sports. I met her 37 years ago at a racquetball club – and she was damn good. 

Now, as a Masters athlete, Yvonne is having the time of her life: competing in a sport that she loves, like many of us were able to do in our teens. She’s incredibly disciplined, doing everything that her coach (Jamie Lee) tells her to do – and no more. She eats very clean, doesn’t drink (dammit) and gets bodywork regularly. 

Her goals are lofty, and she’s part way there. Now, we’ll get to see her in action – trusting all of the work and coaching, going head-to-head with the 9 other best 60-64 year old badass ladies in the world. Her competition starts Tuesday and continues through Thursday. Check the CrossFit Games page for the schedule and workouts. 

CHEER CHAMPION COACH – Welcome Coach Portia!  Portia is a world-class tumbling coach at the nationally renowned Cheer Academy, California All-Stars. She has been coaching for Cal All-Stars for 10 years. Meanwhile, she has also been a member at Diablo for 10 years and is an accomplished Olympic weightlifter. Now certified CrossFit certified, Portia is graduating to Coach at Diablo and we’re excited to have her on the team! 

FANTASY CROSSFIT!! – Leaderboarding the CrossFit Games just got a LOT more fun! My friend Tyler Watkins, a CrossFit statistician and frequent podcast analyst, has officially launched his new Fantasy App for the CrossFit Games and other CrossFit competitions: HEAT1 App. He’s been working on this for a YEAR!  Just make your picks for the Top 10 Men & Women finishers on the app. and that’s YOUR team. Or, play the “Shot Caller” game: for each event you will pick 1 male and female and earn their points in the event. But you can only play an athlete 2x throughout the Games! 

Tyler will have daily prizes for the best picks. Follow on IG: @heat1.app.  Apple App.  Google App. 


TWEET OF THE WEEK: A cold shower is harder than a cold plunge.  #fightme

Aug: Calendar & Newsletter
Aug Focus:  
August is the second month of our Complex Development Phase with the theme of “Applied Strength”. This month, we will use the strengths we built in the Foundation Phase, and combine them with last month’s Strengthen Skills, for the first round of Applied Strength. Throughout the month, we will work on the most complex movement patterns between Olympic Weight lifting & the Kipping Ring Muscle-up. The goal is to either get exposure to these movements or to master them.
  • Primary Strength: Clean & Jerk
  • Secondary Strength: Snatch Drill + Working sets
  • Skill Focus: Ring Muscle-up & Lunge Variations
This Week:CRAIG’S LIST: 

So many hours of driving – podcasts and books kept me company.  Here’s a few: 

Book: BORN TO RUN – Christopher McDougall. This is one of those books I’ve been wanting to read for many years. It has been referred by many friends over the years. I wish I read it sooner. Wow – it is an awesome story of the growth of the Ultra Running sport, woven into the lore of the amazing Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons. You’ll learn about the birth of “barefoot” running and be amazed by stories of the world’s best Ultra runners. Highly recommend. May have to start running again. My daughter was listening – and SHE said she wants to start trail

Games Podcast: Sevan absolutely crushed it last week, featuring multiple CrossFit Games athletes on his podcast multiple times a day! If you want to get to know the BEST CrossFit athletes in the world, take a listen to these podcasts. They are funny, revealing and very entertaining. 

Article: Study Finds That We Can Reduce Our Cancer Risk Thanks to Vigorous Everyday Activities – Not surprising, especially if you’ve read anything about the Amish. 10,000 steps is really a trick to entice us to move throughout the day. Get up early, stay busy – NOT SITTING – eat when hungry and go to bed early. Works for the Amish: no diabetes, no cancer, very small % obese. 

Article: Are Medical Journals Dead?  CrossFit founder Greg Glassman is following in his father’s footsteps, uncovering inherent flaws in modern scientific methods, while teaming up with some of the best scientists in the country. In this revealing article by Maryanne Demasi, PhD, the BSI examines the problems with modern medical journals and the peer-review process. 

Have an awesome week – and be sure to watch the CrossFit Games this Week!!