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10 year + member, Keri Bryant is moving to Vegas this week! It's an exciting new chapter in her life, but we're sad to see her go. She's been a fixture in our AM classes and an inspirational member of our community for years. Come visit us often, Keri!

“Stick to the basics and when you feel you’ve mastered them it’s time to start all over again, begin anew – again with the basics – this time paying closer attention.”   Greg Glassman

THE FUTURE OF THE GAMES (OPINION) – For many years the CrossFit Games have been the annual Mecca for CrossFit  – a festival for fans, enthusiasts, affiliates, vendors and athletes. For first time attendees, the experience is almost overwhelming: thousands of passionate CrossFit enthusiasts all together at the same time, hanging out and watching the best CrossFit athletes in the world compete. The festival experience is incredibly motivating and inspiring for everyone who attends. I recommend that every CrossFitter should make the trip at least once – it’s amazing.

But, for the future, I propose that CFHQ (1) scale back the CrossFit Games festival event, (2) focus on the online media event production and.. (3) bring back the Regionals (or Regionals “feel”). Here’s a few reasons why I have this opinion:

  • Fan Cost: unfortunately, traveling and attending the Games is an expensive and time consuming adventure. Coliseum tickets are $250-$750 each. Hotels are $150 – $400 a night. Airfare to Madison…well you get the picture. Add, transportation, meals and gear shopping (!!) and you’ll be spending $2500 – $5000 per person, easily.
  • Event Production Cost: the size and scope of producing the Games as a multi-day festival event is hard to fathom – but one thing I know from my time in the GRID League: all that shit costs a LOT of money. Media trucks rent for $60,000 – $75,000 per day. The Games had 6 or 7 media trucks on site for 7 days. You do the math.  
  • Event Fatigue: the Indy, Team, Age-Group & Adaptive Events happen at different venues throughout the day from early morning until evening. Sitting through all heats, and moving from venue to venue is physically demanding, even for a CrossFitter. Eventually, most people pick & choose carefully – which leaves plenty of empty seats in the venues. At the end of the Games, most people will tell you they need a vacation to recover. 
  • Early Departures: Age-Groupers, Adaptive & Team fans don’t hang around after their family or friends are done competing. Many of the ticket-buyers came to watch a specific athlete or team compete. That’s cool, but again, when their athlete is done, they split and leave an empty seat in the venue. 
  • YouTube Rules: The online viewing experience is often better than the in-person experience. While the energy and excitement is amazing in the coliseum, it was often difficult to know what was happening, especially at the outdoor events (Northpark venue). Many RV fans chose to hang out at their RVs and watch the events online. 
I could be wrong, but I think the CrossFit Games should scale back the CrossFit Games event and focus almost entirely on the online viewing experience. Don’t get me wrong – the number of days and workouts are on point, but the onsite “festival” and “fan experience” should be cut back or possibly eliminated. I think the Games should move to a smaller venue designed for online viewing – with a maximum of 2500 fans. The Age-Group & Masters events should be held the first weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun) and the Pros & Teams, later in the week (Wed-Sun). And, in a smaller venue – chosen with media production as a priority – the online viewing experience would be incredible and 2500 fans would rock the house. Of course, a smaller venue, less production requirements & less event obligations results in signifiant cost savings for CFHQ.

But what about the amazing CrossFit festival experience?  “Bring back the Regionals” is a common theme among affiliate owners and fans. Why? Because the Regionals were an amazing, 3 day, CrossFit Games style experience that were far more affordable, easier to view and much closer to home. I think CrossFit should bring back the Regionals via the Semi-Final events: work with the current event providers to help make the current Semi events profitable, inviting and exciting. And, maybe add a few more! Fans will come and they’ll fill the seats for all of the events. They’ll mingle with vendors and hang out with their affiliate friends in between events.

So my message to CrossFit:
  1. Cut costs $ on the Games festival production – max 2500 fans onsite.
  2. Create an amazing online show for the world – YouTube only.
  3. And bring back Regionals! 
WHEN YOUR FRIENDS ASK IF YOU COMPETE IN THE CROSSFIT GAMES:  What’s The Difference Between CrossFit and The CrossFit Games?

PSA: “STOP RUNNING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE #&*@^!! STREET!”  This is a quote from our landlord.. kinda. HELP US PLEASE. Car traffic is up significantly in our court and the drivers are not always paying attention. We do not have the right of way when we are in the street. 

Turn toward the curb.  If you have workout with running in it, head out the roll up garage doors and stay very close to the edge of the street or parked cars. When you turn to return to the gym, turn TOWARD the sidewalk!  And, if you can, use the sidewalk. Keep your head on a swivel and look for cars or bikes. Thank you!

MUSCLE UPS WITH ALESSANDRA PICHELLI – SAT, AUG 27 @ 2PM.  Coach Sandy will teach the progressions to improve your ring muscle-up efficiency and the skills for linking multiple muscle ups. This clinic will likely sell out. Register online, or on our app, or email us at Non-members welcome!

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “If you are weak and unhealthy due to lifestyle choices, you are likely dependent upon Pharma, the Healthcare system, the Government and family & friends. That sucks. But, it’s reversible.”

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Research: Effects of Intermittent Fasting On Body Composition & Clinical Health Markers.  IMO, intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating is the easiest and most effective method to create a healthy calorie deficit. In this study, whole-day fasting trials lasting 12 to 24 weeks reduce body weight (≈3%-9%) and body fat, and favorably improve blood lipids (≈5%-20% reduction in total cholesterol and ≈17%-50% reduction in triglycerides).

Research: Artificial Sweeteners Could Cause Diabetes – Scientific American. I’ve suspected this for years. The digestive & endocrine systems may not be able to tell the difference. In a new study of four sugar substitutes, researchers found that these nonnutritive sweeteners don’t just travel through the body unnoticed. The study results, published on August 19 in Cell, link two of the sweeteners—saccharin and sucralose—to spikes in glucose levels and suggest all four are tied to a shift in gut microbe profiles. 

Podcast: Does Glorifying Sickness Deter Healing? Honestly with Barry Weiss – (Parents, please listen!) Diablo member Andrew Lloyd sent this to me and I was dumbstruck and, admittedly, enlightened. Social media influencers, with millions of viewers, are normalizing and even glorifying mental illness, which may be impeding treatment or healing. 

Podcast: The Glassman Chipper Article #01: “Foundations” – Chase Ingram & Bill Grundler are dedicating their podcast to the “Glassman Chipper” – a series of CrossFit Journal articles that are the foundation for the methodology and principals of CrossFit. In this episode they discuss the very 1st CFJ article: “Foundations.”  Want to understand the “cult” of CrossFit? Listen up. You can get the pdf article here

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