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Diablo representing at Monterey’s Fittest Competition on Saturday!
Congratulations to Diablo’s 1st Place Teams: “Will WOD for Chipotle” (Coach Cole & Nate) and the “Diablo Duo” (Cynthia & Kendra).

“Failure is success if you learn from it.”

BURPEES STILL SUCK  On August 11th, I tweeted “25 burpees first thing in the morning will change your outlook for the day positively.”.  I followed up that tweet with another bold post: “Keep it up for a month and it will change your life.” Admittedly, my 2nd tweet was an assumption based only upon relative life experience with fitness. In other words, it was a calculated guess. I was feeling bold that morning after my 1st day of 25 burpees (and 2 cups of coffee). 

Unfortunately, I always do my best to practice what I preach, so my tweet created an imaginary contract with myself in my head, obligating me to at least a month of 25 burpees every morning (admittedly, I’m a bit neurotic). The obligation began easily enough since I was still traveling back from the Games, but since then, I’ve found that starting the 25 still requires a bit of mental fortitude. Procrastination is easy. I’ve got about 15 more days to go to be free of my mental bond. Here’s what I’ve learned and experienced.

  • Burpees still suck. I’ve never been a fan, honestly – maybe because I’m 6’+. I was really hoping I’d enjoy them more by now. 15 days to go..
  • There is satisfaction in completing the task – not the kind of satisfaction you get from a PR, more like, “I got that shit outta the way, now I can get on with things.”
  • Starting is the hardest part! I actually find it fascinating how much I procrastinate doing the 1st burpee. It’s almost humorous: gotta find the right space on the ground, gotta be a flat surface, maybe after I walk the dogs, definitely have to finish my coffee, gotta go to the bathroom, I should drink some water…
  • Breaking them up does not help. That’s just re-starting (see above). I tried this a couple times: do 5, walk the dogs, do 5, make breakfast, do 5. Stupid idea. I’d drag it out and forget how many I’ve done. Yes, I know, it’s just 25. But I get distracted easily. Just knock ’em out.
  • After 16 days, they are “easier” to complete. I’m not timing them but, in just a few weeks, I’m not as fatigued when finished. So I got that going for me. Maybe I’m more efficient?

I don’t know if there’s a lesson here or not. Starting a fitness regimen is tough for anyone, especially for the de-conditioned. Admittedly, I’ve gotten better which is fitness improvement. And, I’m certain that if I was with friends, the burpees would be a lot more fun and likely, faster – since competition is inevitable. So that’s it: do fitness with friends – you’re more likely to keep going.

And, burpees still suck.


  • CrossFit Class:  7, 8, 9, 10, 11A
  • Open Gym: 7-12P


Thinking about re-starting CrossFit, but not sure if you remember the lifts, the movements, or the jargon?  Then our 2 hour “Re-Start Clinic” is the perfect refresher for you!  On Saturday, Sep 16th, our Diablo Coaches will take you through a refresh course to guide you through the lifts, the gymnastics, the machines and proper scaling to help you transition back to your CrossFit lifestyle safely and with confidence.

If you’re interested in joining us on Sep 16th for this 2 hour CrossFit Re-Start Clinic – just email us: info@diablocrossfit.com!

SEPT SKILLS CLINICS:  (register on the Diablo App or stop by the front desk)

  • Sat, Sep 2, 2P: Ring Muscle Ups – Alessandra
  • Thu, Sep 7, 7P: Jump Rope – Herald
  • Sun, Sep 10, 2P,  HSPUs – Shelby
  • Sat, Sep 23, 2P: Bar Muscle Ups – Cole


YEAR END EVENTS – Mark Your Calendar!  (We have our sh*t together this year) 
  • Sat, Sep 30: Working With Large Body Athletes – CrossFit Coaching Certification
  • Oct 14 (Date Change): Fall Classic Olympic Lifting Competition 
  • Oct 28: Amazing Grace (Annual Charity Event at Diablo)
  • Dec 16: Annual Holiday Party (Back 40 BBQ)
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