Show Up & PR. Pharma Thanks You. Hell’s Comin. Dragons & Rings. What is Fitness? TWA 9.05.22

“If you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” Dalai Lama

ITS NOT JUST A PR: August was another amazing month of personal records. Truly, I and our coaches are blown away by the results that continue to populate our monthly PR board. CrossFit works. Coach Jamie Lee & his @prsallday team are designing amazing workouts & progressions.

One of the unique & elegant features of CrossFit is that it is measurable & repeatable. If you finish faster in a workout you’ve done before, or lift more weight, or complete a new gymnastic skill – there’s only one reason why: you got more fit. And, that feels amazing. Your hard work has been validated.

Diablo has a monthly PR board for a few reasons:

  • It forces us to take stock of our accomplishments at the gym. Often we move on from a PR without much thought. Writing it down and ringing the bell helps us take a moment to self-reflect and memorialize the effort.
  • PRs are an injection of energy that motivates you to keep going. A PR is validation – you are doing the right things.
  • Seeing others’ accomplishments is a validation of our methodology and an inspiration to put in the work for ourselves.

So how do you make it onto the PR board? It takes effort & dedication.

  • Show up at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Keep up the intensity in your workouts!
  • Don’t skip the strength progressions.
  • Clean up your diet. You know what to do. If not, ask us.
  • Get sleep.
  • Get Private Training! A few sessions with a Diablo coach will help with skill work & lifts. 

And, when your next PR happens, don’t forget to ring the bell.

One more thing.. speaking of PRs, our RX+ crew had a great day on Saturday.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Big Pharma would like you to keep consuming processed foods, sugar and alcoholic beverages. Thank you in advance.”

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Check SugarWod For Daily Workouts – September Calendar  &  Newsletter


Alana’s Song: My daughter took over my YTMusic. Hell’s Comin’ With Me
Song: (Last week.. bad link! Try this: She Likes It.)
CF Video: Intimidation
Influencer Tip: Well, not a tip, but damn funny.


Podcast: Get With The Programming: The Glassman Chipper #3: “What Is Fitness?” – Please, please listen to this one. CFG commentators, Chase Ingram and Bill Grundler break down the quintessential CrossFit publication from back in the day: “What Is Fitness?” – and they nail it! Their commentary is well-prepared and thoughtful and helps the listener understand the intent and some of the backstories behind the content, ie.,Tabata & the 10 Components of Fitness. 

Article: (Not A Surprise) Ultra-processed Foods linked to cancer & early deaths – Add to the list, diabetes, hypogonadism (which leads to Low T), high blood pressure.. 

Research: Sugar disrupts microbiome, eliminates protection against obesity & diabetes. Fascinating! Gut biome matters. This finding may help us understand why obesity & diabetes is more likely for some than others. Sugar adds calories to a diet, which, in excess, is stored as fat. However, before that happens, it seems that sugar might be disrupting gut microbiome and eliminating protective bacteria – accelerating obesity & diabetes development. (Note: this study was on mice)

See you in class!  Make it an awesome week.