Our DNA. Fall Classic. 321GoMD. Weekend CF Works. 185 Grams. TWA 9.18.23

Coach Amy competed in the USA Weightlifting American Open this weekend taking Silver in the Clean & Jerk – and celebrated her success with Diablo family after!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”  Vince Lombardi

COMMUNITY IS IN OUR DNA – I had a bit of an epiphany this morning while out on a hike with my daughter and our dogs. One of our random conversations was about human evolution. I told her that I found it amazing that the human species survived given the long period of development for human children in comparison to other species: 9 months in the womb and several years of dependent care. In other words, for our ancient ancestors, raising a child from infancy was a very high risk venture lasting several years: finding food & water, protection from weather, predators & sickness, etc.   

My daughter responded: “it wasn’t as high risk as other species likely because our intellectual development allowed us to form communities to support one another.” Mic drop. I inherently knew this about communities, but hearing it in context of human evolution was a bit of an “aha” moment for me. And, being a true CrossFitter, I immediately began to make associations with our own community and our shared goals of fitness and health.

Never was our community so important for our physical and mental health (our survival) than during the pandemic. Many of our members told me that they HAD to come to Diablo to be among others and exercising for their mental and physical health. “Community” is wired into our DNA for survival. And when we come together with a shared passion, amazing things happen. 

Community keeps most of us coming back. Community provides motivation and emotional support when we need it most. And, as evidenced by weekend social media posts from our members, community brings us together to enjoy life and each other. CrossFit is, for most of us, our community. 

FALL CLASSIC – USA WEIGHTLIFTING SANCTIONED EVENT!  Coach Carrie and Amy have put together Diablo CrossFit’s FIRST EVER, USA WEIGHTLIFTING SANCTIONED EVENT to be held at Diablo on Sat, Oct 14th from 11A – 5PM. Click on the pic above for information & registration.

VETERANS DAY HERO WORKOUT: “CHAD” – On November 11th, Diablo CrossFit will join the CrossFit & GoRuck communities to do the Hero Workout: “Chad”.  The workout is a brutal test: 1000 Step Ups to a 20″ box with a #35/45 vest or ruck sack.  Of course, we will offer multiple scaling and “partner” options to complete this workout.

BAR MUSCLE UP SKILLZ NEXT SUNDAY:  (register on the Diablo App or stop by the front desk)

  • Sun, Sep 24, 1P: Bar Muscle Ups – Cole (THIS IS A DATE CHANGE!)


TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Masters athletes’ performances are most inspiring after they occur. Pro athletes’ performances are most inspiring when they are happening. 

Sep: Calendar & Newsletter.   This Week:


  • Website321GoMD.com – The BEST ortho injury site ever! Sean Rockett, MD is the Head Orthopedic Surgeon for the CrossFit Games since 2012. He has an incredible knowledge and experience base when it comes to joint, bone and movement issues and CrossFit. This website is an amazing resource for any ortho issue you may be facing. Check it out!
  • Podcast:  #52 Sean Rockett, MD – Fantastic discussion on ortho injuries, recovery and CrossFit!! 
  • Article: Washington Post – Weekend Warriors get heart benefits from just a few days of exercise.  A recent study found that weekend warriors, or people who jammed almost all of their exercise into a day or two, usually on the weekends, were much less likely to develop heart problems than people who rarely exercised at all.Study: Just 5 minutes of intense exercise per day can decrease your risk of cancer by 20%. Don’t take one more day off.. just come when you can!
  • **! Social Media !**: You will not believe how much $(*$&#! sugar is in a Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Iced Coffee… nevermind how much pumpkin.

Make it an awesome week!