Mindset. Endorsement. Inner Bitch. Miracle Pill. Carbon. The Week Ahead 9.26.22

Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge PR’d his Marathon in Berlin (a new World Record).
And, so did Diablo members Carol Wu, 61yo: 5:01:41 and Mary Vera, 54, 4:41:34.

“Be as you wish to seem.”  Socrates

MINDSET IS ALL ABOUT SELF-TALK – We all talk to ourselves in our head. It is an inherent trait that distinguishes us as human. I’m 59 and I still converse with myself, especially when I’m confronting a challenge or undesirable task. And, unfortunately, as I age, the bar for “undesirable” seems to get lower. So, my inner coach has to step it up a notch in order to quiet my “inner bitch” who wants to avoid hard work, the undesirable task, or new challenge. 

I used to think that top athletes and successful business people didn’t need to rely on self pep-talks. Their success came naturally. In fact, the opposite is true – their inner coaches are more persistent, more precise and overall more effective. And, they listen to their inner coaches who are pushing them to achieve the performance they desire or, be the person they wish to be.

So, listen to your inner coach, and as Socrates so succinctly, put it: “Be as you wish to seem.” 

LIVE IN PH? DIABLO ENDORSES ANDREI! –  Andrei Obolenskiy has been a friend & supporter of Diablo CrossFit since 2008 when he worked as a service advisor at Main St. Automotive – just a few doors down from our original location in Walnut Creek. He’d come by often to talk about CrossFit, our business, his Russian heritage and my background in finance. He was incredibly motivated to move up in the world. He put himself through graduate school while working and taking care of his wife and kids. Today he owns the shop where he worked and runs a non-profit Russian language school with his wife. Andrei knows and understands small business ownership – a key skill for the role of City Council member. So, if you live in PH – Diablo CrossFit endorses Andrei Obolenskiy for City Council. (Thank you!)

BAR MUSCLE UP CLINIC WITH COACH SANDY:  October 1st, 2PM – $40. Coach Alessandra Pichelli is following up on her very successful ring muscle up clinic last month with her Bar Muscle Up Clinic. Reserve your spot on your Diablo app (Events/Clinics), or stop by the front desk.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:   As I get older I have to train harder just to fight my inner bitch who seems to be getting stronger.”

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Song: Shipping Up To Boston / Enter Sandman (Alana’s playlist) – amazing.
Cool Thing: MIT Researchers invented cooling tech that doesn’t need electricity – The new tech, which relies on a three-layer design, was showcased in a new press release. It only requires water, and researchers have used it to cool ambient temperatures by up to 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s A Start: Doctors want alcohol warning labels to flag cancer risks. The CDC estimates that about 1 in 10 deaths among adults ages 20 to 64 are due to heavy drinking. Long-term, heavy drinking shortens a person’s life by an average of 26 years. And, just 3 drinks a week increase the risk of breast cancer in women by 15%.

Meanwhile: Does The Hangover Pill Work? – Peter Attia, MD

Inspiration: The Portsmouth Method. Our friend, Dale King is the owner of PKSC CrossFit in Portsmouth, OH – ground zero for the opioid epidemic. Dale and his team created the Portsmouth Method – an ongoing community revitalization project combining CrossFit, Community Partnerships, and economic development for individuals with substance use disorder. The recovery stories are amazing and speak to the power of CrossFit and community. Check out Andrew’s comeback story.

Endurance Motivation – two incredible achievements in running:

Video: John Oliver – Carbon Offsets. Hilarious analysis of the corporate exploitation of “carbon offsets” 

Final motivational message from IG: Go to the Gym

Make it an awesome week!