The Week Ahead: 3.19.18

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”  Karen Lamb


Each week of the Open has been a blast, especially with our Intramural Open competition. There have been some awesome PRs – and amazing accomplishments. Last week’s highlight: Coach Jordan, his Fiance Katie and Diablo’s Favorite dog Piper, were in town on Saturday so they stopped in to watch the event and hang with friends!

Stay on top of all the scores from our Intramural Open with our Intramural Open Leaderboard – updated on Tuesdays. The final workout will be announced on Thursday at 5PM ET. Moxie’s last Friday Night Lights and PHill’s last Saturday Main Event will be followed by a celebration of the end of the Open! Come watch the action and hang out after to share stories and celebrate.

This Week’s Open Events:

  • Thu @7PM: Facebook Live Open 18.5 Review & Recap
  • Friday Night Lights at Moxie & End of the Open Celebration
  • Saturday Main Event at Pleasant Hill & End of the Open Celebration

Predictions for 18.5:  There’s several “traditional” Open movements that we haven’t seen yet, like the Snatch, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, Thrusters and Pull-ups. However, the Thruster has been in the last workout of every Open since its inception in 2011. So I predict that we’ll see Thrusters, possibly “Dumbbell Thrusters” coupled with Chest-to-bar Pull-ups.

And, to take it a little further, I bet that we see a repeat of 13.5 with Dumbbell Thrusters and Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups:  AMRAP 15 Thrusters & 15 C2B Pull-ups. If 3 rounds are completed in 4 mins, move on to the next round and, continue every 4 minutes until unable to complete 3 full rounds.

Programming:  Our weekly programming has been posted! Some highlights include,

  • Mon: the metcon should be called “Not in the Open” – It’s got running, Kipping Pull-ups, Pistols, & Box Jumps.
  • Tue: Strength – Snatch & Overhead Squats. The metcon is “Also not in the Open” – Wall balls & Hang Power Snatch – a cool progression. I’m starting to see a trend, Coach Jamie.
  • Wed: Strength – Front Squat & Shoulder-to-Overhead. Then a Rowing metcon, that should help keep us fit, but not sore for 18.5!
  • Thu: Gymnastic Strength – Strict Pull Ups. Metcon: 10m AMRAP of Toes-2-bar, 1-Arm DB Push Press, & 30 DUs
  • Fri: Sat & Sun: 18.5 & TBA!

Diablo Strong will be maxing out on the Hang Snatch, Hang Power Cleans & 2 rep Back Squat, and then, on Sunday, doing a mock-meet, testing the C&J & Snatch. #diablostrong

What I am listening to:

CrossFit Podcast episode 18.18 with Dr. Sean Rockett, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine. He is also an avid CrossFitter and he’s on the Medical Staff at the CrossFit Games. I really enjoyed his discussion on muscle & tendon full tears vs. partial tears.

Earned Organic Armor Withstands 40 MPH Car Strike, – CFJournal Article Mar 17. This one showed up in my feed yesterday and I was BLOWN away by the story. Rileigh Denis, a 27 year old CrossFitter was struck by a car traveling 40 mph and thrown more than 20 feet. She survived with no physical trauma which Doctors attribute to her remarkable situation because of her “excellent physical condition.” Read!