The Week Ahead: 3.26.18

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Maya Angelou

One Thing: The Open Is Over! On to the Regionals (and the 2019 Open)

Thank you. I’ve been doing the Open since it began in 2011. This year’s competition has easily been one of the most fun experiences ever at Diablo. I was unsure if the “Intramural Open” would be accepted by our community, but my fears were quickly squashed within minutes of our 1st announcement. The team banter and spirit was unbelievable and ridiculously funny. As a result, it was very easy to forget the stress of the actual workouts. Everyone at Diablo looked forward to each new announcement and event. Friday Nights and Saturdays turned into house parties! I think it’s safe to say that we all got to know each other a better, new friendships have been forged and a new level of excitement for CrossFit has been achieved.

Above all else, congratulations on completing the 2018 CrossFit Games Open. It is a very significant accomplishment to complete all 5 very challenging workouts, especially in front of all your peers (and strangers) with someone standing over you judging each movement. Few things in our lives are ever so challenging and you did it – for 5 freakin’ weeks! Well done.

So what next? FUN! A bunch of us will be getting together at the Greenery bar & grill in Walnut Creek on Friday, Mar 30th at 8PM to celebrate the “End of The Open”.  Come join the fun!

The Online Qualifier:  Masters & Teen athletes who finished in the top 200 of their respective age groups move on to the “Online Qualifier” the weekend of Apr 19-23. They’ll have to complete 4 workouts over the weekend. Their scores are combined with their Open performance. The top 20 athletes of the OLQ in each age group are invited to the CrossFit Games! Diablo will likely have several Masters athletes competing in the OLQ in 2018 (names announced next week!).

Watch The West Regionals! Diablo CrossFit athletes will be representing at the new GIANT West Regional competition in Del Mar on May 25-27. Tickets are on sale now. I’ll talk about our athletes next week – since scores are NOT official until next week.

Get ready for 2019?? The Open is only snapshot of your fitness. Your fitness is far more comprehensive – and perhaps better than your Open performance indicated. That’s ok! I would like you to walk away from the Open with satisfaction of achieving a major task in the middle of your extraordinarily hectic life in the Bay Area. And, if the Open exposed a weakness in your fitness, take advantage of this knowledge and commit to fixing that weakness. Often it only takes some dedicated practice or focus in order to overcome the issue. If you really want to move to the “next level” or eliminate a weakness, then schedule a Private Coaching session with one of our coaches and they’ll guide you and give you a progression that can help, whether it’s double-unders, pull-ups, kipping or butterfly pull-ups, toes-to-bar, more strength, muscle-ups, or maybe just increased stamina.   

Intramural Open FINAL RESULTS will be published on Thursday, Mar 29th. We’ll also be doing a Post-Open Facebook Live Review on Thu the 29th to review the Open and talk about the next stage of competition. Be sure and stay on top of all the scores from our Intramural Open with our Intramural Open Leaderboard – updated on Tuesdays.

This Week’s Events:

  • Thu @7PM: Facebook Live Open 18.5 Review & Recap
  • Friday @ 8PM at the Greenery: End of the Open Fun

Class Schedule – CLOSED on Easter Sunday. Sat CF returns at 8, 9, 10AM, 1PM & 2PM.  Strong & RX+ return to their regular Saturday schedule.

Programming:  Our weekly programming has been posted! Some highlights include,

  • Mon: Strength – a cool 20 min Snatch EMOM. Then a 6 min, partner run/bike sprint.
  • Tue: Metcon: this will be a fun, long, row, push press, squat clean workout!
  • Wed: Gymnastic Strength, then an 11 min metcon with a new movement (burpee + push-up)
  • Thu: Should be a benchmark! 5 Rnds: 5DLs, 10DB PP and a 400m Run
  • Fri: Strength: Thrusters!  Metcon: 12m EMOM style wod with lunges & KB Snatches.
  • Sat: Gymnastic Skill work then a 15m Metcon with Bar Muscle ups, KB Swings & DUs
  • Sun: Conditioning work (new!), then a long metcon with Rope Climbs, Rowing & DB Snatches


What I am reading:

Dementia Study Links Your Risk with Your Fitness Level:  Alzheimers or Dementia is quickly becoming a national epidemic as an estimated 5.7 million Americans are reported to be suffering from the “disease”. A recently published Swedish study followed 190 women over 40 years and found a direct correlation between dementia rates and level of fitness. This is an important read!  Even a little fitness can help.