The Week Ahead: 4.09.18

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa


Programming:  As always, you can find it on our website.

Some highlights –

  • Mon: Back squat with a unique rep pattern (9,6,3..repeat). Metcon is 3 rnds, the slowest is the only one scored. Bike, KB Swings, Front Rack Lunge.
  • Tue: Muscle up skills, gymnasty EMOM and a 10 min metcon with S2OH, BJumps & Ring Rows.
  • Wed: A long, 2 round metcon that’ll feel like a chipper: running, wbs & toes-2-bar
  • Thu: Clean work then an 11 min couplet of heavy cleans and burpees.
  • Fri: Long, 5 round metcon with Rowing, C2B Pull-ups & HSPUs.
  • Sat: Back squat again, then a 6 min AMRAP of Squat Snatch & Box Jumps
  • Sun: Long metcon: bike, hang power cleans & push ups.

Did you catch the Monthly Outlook? Coach Jamie Lee and I discuss programming for the month of April including strength & gymnastic cycles.  Check out the video!

Diablo FB Groups you might want to be a part of:

Diablo Run Club (DRC): This group of weekend runners hit the local trails for 3-7 miles usually most weekends. All levels are welcome. However, you may have to get your butt up early on a Sat to meet them.   

Diablo Adventure Club: Coach Jennifer started this group and events have included skydiving, hikes, Escape Room, and skiing. Next up.. Go Kart racing?

DCF Masters: Literally one of Diablo’s oldest groups. If you’re 40+ be a part of this group for Masters related discussions, competitions and workout sessions (including Masters’ Madness). Sorry, no wanna-be Masters (35-39) allowed.

Moxie Socials: If you’re a member at Moxie-San Jose, or, if you drop-in periodically when in SJ, then you should be in this group! It’s all about Moxie events, happenings and hilarity.

Diablo Community: If you’re a member or, former member of Diablo CrossFit, you should be a part of this crew. Here’s where most of our event and happenings are announced.

Diablo CrossFit Pleasant Hill: This is a lesser-used group for Pleasant Hill members. We’ll make announcements about schedule updates and Coaching changes here.

Introducing Coach Kevin!: If you missed the post in our FB Group (see above), then you’ve probably already had Kevin as a Coach in class already. Kevin was a member a couple years back, moved to Santa Barbara and recently returned to Pleasant Hill. He is an experienced CrossFit Level 1 Coach and has worked as a Strength & Conditioning coach with Santa Clara University. We’re excited to have him at Diablo.

Regionals-Team-Masters Update:  It looks like we’ll know whether our Diablo Teams qualify for Regionals by the week of April 16. Watch for the Leaderboard to change this week and next!  Diablo’s Masters athletes will be doing the Online Qualifier workouts (4 workouts) the weekend of April 20th. Kyle Kleinschmidt, Melissa Chatterton, Yvonne Howard, April Kitagawa and I will be suffering together all weekend long.

What I’m Reading/Listening to: Older, Fitter: How To Keep Working Hard As You Age  – this article really resonated with me and was a good reality check. Past 50, the slow lifts (deadlift, squats, presses) all start to steadily decline as the body ages gradually. The key to staying sane and super fit: keep things in perspective and give more value to nutrition & recovery.