The Week Ahead: 04.30.19

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi

I skipped a week so I have quite a bit to talk about! I’m writing this while in Santa Cruz attending CrossFit Health’s Conference of Medical Professionals. More on this below.

First:  Regionals Update!  2+3= a ton of fun at the West Regionals in Del Mar on May 25-27:  Two teams have qualified for Regionals – Diablo & Diablo Moxie and 3 Individuals – Alessandra, Whitney and Kyle K. All athletes have begun preparing and training together. For the Diablo teams, 6 athletes have been selected & registered, and after the workouts are announced the final four athletes for each will be decided. This is not an easy process! The Regional Teams are:

Diablo: Ben Wise, Jonathan Castro, Travis Newman, Lauren Stevens, Brittany Benedetto and Annie Clark.

Diablo Moxie: Michael Olivas, Troy Stinson, Chris Eagan, Natalie Talbert, Laura Alexander, and Kelly Clark.    

Workouts will likely be announced the week of May 7th. In the meantime, Regionals Athletes are in full prep mode – wish them good luck when you see them!

3 Masters to the Games! The Age-Group Online Qualifier (4 workouts) was last weekend. So far it looks like Diablo CrossFit will have 3 Masters Athletes at the CrossFit Games in August. This is a tremendous performance for any affiliate. Only the top 20 athletes in the world qualify. Kyle Kleinschmidt finished in 7th in the 35-39. Yvonne Howard finished in 17th in the 55-59. And April Kitagawa finished in 6th in the 60+. This will be Kyle’s 1st Games appearance as a Master, Yvonne’s 4th(!!) and April’s 4th (!!). Congratulations to them!

Regionals Shirts: Support your Diablo Regionals Athletes and show your colors. This year 2 Teams + 3 Indys + 5 Masters qualified for the next level of competition: (2+3+5). You’ll be wearing the same design as our athletes on the competition floor – and they need to see the red in the stands!  You can pre-order here: click here to pre-order.

CrossFit Health: Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit has launched CrossFit Health – a community of licensed physicians and supporting affiliates, who dedicated to curing chronic disease with CrossFit and nutrition coaching. More than 200 MDs have become Certified CrossFit Coaches and are spreading the word that doing CrossFit and cutting carbohydrates is a cure for diabetes. I was invited to spend the weekend with Coach Glassman and several CFH doctors to discuss strategies for fighting the battle against the overwhelming tide of chronic disease caused by poor nutrition and lifestyle. It was amazing to hear the many success stories as well as to learn about the enormity of the problem facing our country and others. There are more than 30 million diabetics in the US and 100 million people that are considered pre-diabetic. Diabetes is an enormous economic and human catastrophe that is sure to overtake us – and CrossFit and its affiliates are on the front line of defense. Watch Glassman’s introduction at an MD Level 1 event.

Programming Highlights:  You can find the details here.

Mon: Max Effort Back Squat + a cool partner “frenemy” metcon of Row + Back Squat.

Tue: Snatch work then a 9m AMRAP of DB snatches & burpees.

Wed: Gymnastic Strength work (+DUs) and a cool descending/ascending run/db hang clean

Thu: Conditioning Test! (2k row) + Front squats AFTER!

Fri: Hero wod – Nate

Sat: Clean work then a spicy Power Clean, FS, Pull-up metcon

Sun: Long metcon with thrusters.. ‘Nuf said.

Events: Be sure to click on “Events” on our website for the latest updates

May 6: Devil Mountain Run 5k & 10k – $10 of every registration fee goes to help our athletes cover expenses at Regionals!

May 12 (Tentative): Diablo Athlete Fundraiser event- details TBA

May 19: Spring Classic Olympic Weightlifting Competition

May 25-27: West Regionals in Del Mar

May 28: Memorial Day Murph (details coming)

What I’ve been listening to:  

Joe Rogan #1109 with Mathew Walker:  Sleep and Human Performance.  This is one of the BEST Joe Rogan podcasts I’ve listened to and frankly, if you are a member at Diablo – you should listen to. It is amazing, especially at the 30m mark forward. There is SO much good with getting 7+ hours of sleep a night and SO much bad with less than 6.  We have to get our sleep. Improve performance by 30% with more than 7 hours sleep!  Matthew Walker is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Check out his book “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” on Amazon.