The Week Ahead 7.16.18: 300,000 Fistbumps

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”  John Dryden

What a busy week!
  • Programming last week was a shoulder blast – hspu’s, ring dips, muscle-ups and Push-press! Anyone else have tired shoulders?
  • Diablo’s Used Equipment sale got a bit crazy – we literally had a small crowd waiting at the door for the opening.
  • Diablo Golf – was a hit. The Diablo Hills course is a fantastic 9-holer with a great bar & grill at the finish. 12 golfers hit the links!
  • Diablo Moxie’s Beach day on Saturday was met with big waves, but perfect weather! The crew had a fun beach wod and great fun with friends.
  • Last week’s international visitor was Totti Brunila from Finland!

An awesome day at the beach with Diablo family!

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  • Mon: Clean strength work, then a very nice barbell 10m AMRAP with Snatch & OHS & Sit-ups
  • Tue: Triathlon Squared, Bike-Row-Run, interrupted by Muscle-ups, Pull-ups & Toes-to-Bar
  • Wed: Pistol work, Double EMOM, then an all-sandbag show metcon!
  • Thu: Push press strength followed by a crazy “Death by” couplet – Burpee box jumps & knees-to-elbows. How far can you go?
  • Fri: 9-12-15-19, PC + FS (#65/95). Oh, and do 35 DUs in between each round.
  • Sat: Partner wod!! This is an awesome Row (+ KBs + Pull ups + T2B + BJumps) chipper interval wod.
  • Sun: “Bambi Run”… how did Bambi run? Do this wod and find out.

As always, click on the  “WOD” button for 7 days of advanced programming!

Craig’s List

CrossFit Podcast with Downhill Skier Olympian Bryce Bennett: Bryce is arguably America’s best downhiller. His training is CrossFit – and mostly “classfit”.  Listen to Bryce talk about “sport specific training” for the Olympic Ski Team and you’ll understand why he chose CrossFit. One of the most reputable athletic trainers in the ski world had ALL of the athletes doing the same workout repeatedly, with no coaching on exercise technique. The biggest issue with “sport specific” training at the amateur, collegiate, professional and Olympic levels is a lack of “measurability”.  CrossFit is not only functional (for life & sports), it is measurable and repeatable.

Light Exposure During Sleep May Increase Insulin Resistance (Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Twitter): We’ve all learned about the value of sleep.  8-9.5 hours per night is strongly recommended for full cognitive and physical recovery. And, according to this published study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, we need to avoid any light exposure while sleeping in order to avoid insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is directly linked to weight gain and metabolic disease.