The Week Ahead: 7.29.18 – Live from Madison

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last Week:  

Bring A Friend Day: Saturday’s ‘Bring-A-Friend’ Day was a hit. Thank you for introducing your buddy to Diablo (or, re-introducing)!  We’ll do this again for sure in a few months. If your buddy wants to make it a habit, have them check out our new Start-Ups! We’re offering more ways to get CrossFit into people’s lives. New Start-Up Programs.

Moxie Coaching Changes:

  • Coach Sean Coach Sean Ranney and his girlfriend moved to Austin, Texas. The Moxie community got together on a Friday night to send him off with a bang. More impressively, they rallied again on Saturday morning for his RX+ class too (hearty crew). 
  • Best wishes to Moxie Manager & Coach Natalie who’s last class was on Saturday. Natalie and her family have had an very positive influence on our community & coaching. Natalie moved to Lifeworx in Campbell to coach & train.
  • Welcome Jenny Dziubla! Jenny was a Division I Volleyball athlete with All-American honors. She started CrossFit in 2010 and competed with CrossFit Defined’s Regionals team in 2012, 2013, and 2014 out of the North Central Region. Along with her 5+ years of coaching experience, Jenny is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, and has a passion for Olympic Weightlifting.
New Start-Up Programs

Coach Jennifer has designed three new Start-Up Programs for new prospective Diablo members. We’re incorporating more nutrition education, more accountability, more support and a more gradual approach to participation in CrossFit classes. Check out all the details here:

  • Basic Start-Up: 7 one-on-one sessions and 1 Nutrition Coaching Session.
  • Super Start-Up: 13 one-on-one sessions and one month of comprehensive Nutrition Coaching.
  • Ultra Start-Up: 20 one-one-one sessions and 3 months of Nutrition Coaching & class membership.
InBody Coming To Diablo!

Body Composition Analytics Coming to Diablo in August!  Diablo Pleasant Hill is getting an Inbody 570 machine for Body Composition testing. We’ve tried this machine, talked to several affiliate owners, and MD’s and we are impressed. Even better: user data is stored so that we can chart body composition progress. Details coming soon. Our target delivery date is August 15. 

The CrossFit Games:

Diablo is very fortunate to have 4 athletes headed to the CrossFit Games in 2018: Alessandra Pichelli, Kyle Kleinschmidt (M35-39), Yvonne Howard (M55-59) and April Kitagawa (M60+).

Alessandra is one of the top female CrossFit athletes in the world, returning for her 6th CFG as an individual. She is in top physical shape this year and ready to go! Note: you can follow Sandy on the CFG2018 app to be alerted to her heats.  

Kyle Kleinschmidt:  After just missing the Games in 2017 in his age group (and as an individual!), Kyle is primed for the 2018 Games as a Master. The 35-39 age group consists almost entirely of Regionals & former Games athletes. Kyle is ready!  

Yvonne Howard is returning as a Master for her 4th CFG appearance. Few athletes have the stamina and grit in the gym as Yvonne. She’s in the best shape she’s experienced in the last few years and is ready!

April Kitagawa is also returning for her 4th appearance – now as a 60+ athlete. April is as humble as she is fit. She is an incredible force in the gym, never letting up. And, she will surely be a force in Madison!

How to Watch: Please visit the CrossFit Games website for ALL the viewing information. Of course, the CFG will be broadcast live on the Games website and FB pages. If you want alerts or if you.  Check it out here.


We begin a new cycle in August!    

  • Primary Strength: Front Squat
  • Secondary Strength: Power Snatch
  • Gymnastic Strength / Skill:  Pull Ups

As always, check out our blog or Sugarwod for the week’s workouts. 

Craig’s List

I drove a lot this week – which was great listening time. Here’s my favs:

“Boys on the Boat”,  Daniel James Brown.  Audible book – Listening to this amazing story about the 1936 US Olympic Rowing Team. These guys were training with the same intensity as CrossFit Games athletes, and then some. It is a fantastic true account of how nine working-class boys from the West Coast showed the world at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin what true grit really meant. It also delves into the story of West Coast Rowing – and the domination of Cal.

“Lost Connections”, Johann Hari – “Uncovering the real causes of depression and the unexpected solutions.” – Audible book – I’m about ⅓ into this book and am already blown away. Johann begins with a detailed view of the pharmacological solutions for depression and their incredible reliance upon the placebo effect for the top selling anti-depressant drugs on the market. If you have any experience with depression – yourself or family or friends, please pick up this book or listen to it on audible. I

Mobilitywod ReadyState Podcast with Georges St. Pierre:  Podcast – I enjoy Kelly & Juliet Starrett’s podcasts – they get to the point fast and always seem to ask the questions I would want to ask. In this episode, they interview the incredible UFC Figheter, Georges St-Pierre, UFC’s 2017 Middleweight Champion of the World, and formerly 2x Welterweight Champion of the World. Georges is an impressively nice guy (!) with a fear of fighting(!?). His work ethic and attitude remind me of Alessandra Pichelli. Good podcast.