The Week Ahead 8.26.18

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”   Henry Ford

Games Stuff

So far, CrossFit has not made an official announcement about the Regionals or Games for 2019. Morning Chalk Up was able to get Glassman on the phone where he revealed that Regionals have been canceled and the Open will move to October (beginning in 2019). I hope that CrossFit makes an official announcement soon.

My thoughts: I and others thought that CF should have left the “event management” business years ago. There are many companies that are dedicated to managing, promoting & leveraging sponsorship & other revenue opportunities. The Regionals are expensive. CF is likely saving $8 – $10 million a year by cutting these events, not to mention the time and work.

I love the Sport of Fitness. I love being a fan. And, we have several athletes who participate, who we love to support. But,CrossFit and Diablo CrossFit are so much more than what the “Games” represents. So, I’m pleased that CF has it’s priorities in place.

There is certainly a way to get the best athletes to the Games without Regionals. The Online Qualifier works well, as does the Open. Additionally, Glassman’s idea to invite the winners of “sanctioned” events will help. So, at the end of the day, we’ll be able to enjoy the Games and support and cheer our athletes who participate. And, CrossFit will be on better financial ground.


Members, your first test is only $25!  The InBody Test is pretty damn cool! So far people are loving it. Get yours done soon. The data is compelling.  Just schedule it on our website.

Programming – Heads Up!

Last week was brutal! And, quite a few people came every day. Be on the lookout for sore shoulders, torn hands and sore lats/backs. Some members need a friendly reminder to take a day off.

Highlights this week: (another cool week!)

  • Mon: Power Snatch 1RM Test Day!! Cool db snatch / OH lunge wod.
  • Tue: Triple fng Metcon day! 4-6-8m AMRAPs that opens with a 400m run each round. Then WB & BJump Overs amrap. Very cool – this workout FORCES a fast 400.
  • Wed: Hero WOD – “Ryan”
  • Thu: 3RFT – 500m Row, 10HSPU, 15T2b
  • Fri: Front Squat 1RM! Then a BLIND METCON!! Front Rack Walking Lunge + DUs. AMRAP Time Unknown (Coach announced!).
  • Sat: Partner Lift & Metcon – Heavy Push Press, then 3 AMRAPS! 9-7-5 minutes, C&J, WB, 100m Run.
  • Sun: Filthy 50!
US Cryotherapy DEAL(!) for Diablo

$27 for 3 services a day! Coach Jen has worked out an awesome deal for Diablo members – visit US Cryo and use 3 services, Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy, Theragun, etc. and only pay $27. Please, please, let our members know. The anti-inflammatory and performance recovery benefits of Sauna and Cryo are well documented and the topic of many top podcasts.

Craig’s List:

The Universe is Expanding and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It – Forbes, Aug 21, 2018.  (click) I’m a bit of a space nut, and enjoy reading about our Universe. This article was mindblowing – and it puts our daily life into a somewhat humble perspective. We have very recently discovered that our Universe is expanding at an increasing pace, rendering most of it permanently unreachable or unseeable. “At present, that distance is “only” about 15 billion light years away. If you consider that our observable Universe is some 46 billion light years in radius, and that all regions of space contain (on average and on the largest scales) the same number of galaxies as one another, it means that only about 3% of the total number of galaxies in our Universe are presently reachable by us, even if we left today, and traveled at the speed of light. It also means that, on average, twenty thousand stars transition every second from being reachable to being unreachable. The light they emitted a second ago will someday reach us, but the light they emit this very second never will. It’s a disturbing, sobering thought, but there’s also a more optimistic way to view it: this is the Universe reminding us how precious every second is.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick with Charles Raison, MD.(click) – Found My Fitness podcast. Charles Raison, M.D. is a professor at the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Raison’s research focuses on inflammation and the development of depression in response to illness and stress. He also examines the physical and behavioral effects of compassion training on the brain, inflammatory processes, and behavior as well as the effect of heat stress as a potentially therapeutic intervention major depressive disorder. This is a very fascinating podcast. Dr. Raison talks about the impressive benefits of cold-shock and heat-shock proteins that result from Cryo-therapy and sauna treatments. They are super beneficial for recovery, inflammation reduction AND mood – including treatment of depression.

Make it an awesome week!