“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”  William Shakespeare

A Quick Look Back

Craig, Yvonne, Jennifer & Jamie Lee got together for a FB Live discussion to talk about the InBody test, upcoming events, the Fall Classic, Sep programming and a lot more. Check out the videos below – our broadcast was interrupted so we have two parts. The #liftlikeagirl Oly Clinic was a hit – sold out – and featured Alessandra Pichelli, Carrie Olson and Alyssa Ritchie, 3 of the best female lifters in the world.

We have a new Start Up! class in San Jose – a take on our old “Elements” program: six group classes on MWF at 6:30 PM  – for anyone new to CrossFit. We’ll take them through our 6 start up workouts and add some nutrition coaching. At the end, they’ll be ready for class – with a crew of friends who shared the experience.

Schedule Updates
  • PHill Strong Tu/Thu 6-7:30PM  is moving to 5-6:30PM beginning on Tue, Sep 11.
  • PHill Masters Madness is moving to 6PM on Thursdays (from 5PM) beginning Sep 13.
  • Moxie RX+ will ONLY be on Wed at 6:30PM beginning Sep 12. CrossFit class returns on Tue/Thu at 6:30PM.
Programming Update

Be sure to check Sugarwod for details on the week’s programming! Note: programming has been intense the last few weeks. If you’re dealing with soreness, please talk to your class coach about recovery ideas, rest days, and possible scaling to maximize your workout and minimize sore muscles.

  • Mon: Jerk werk. Then, a 7m couplet of DB Squat Cleans with DB Strict Press (alt)
  • Tue: AMRAP15 – 60,40,20,10:  DUs, RowCal, PCleans, MUps!
  • Wed: 30 T2B, 25 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 50 DB Walk Lunge, 25 BBJO, 30 T2B
  • Thu: Snatch EMOM, then a Snatch, Squat, Run metcon – 4RFT.
  • Fri: Squat Clean Complex, then..gulp!, 25/35 Cal Bike + 25 Thrusters (#95/135) for time.
  • Sat: 6RFT – 500m Row, 25 Sit ups, 15 Pull Ups
  • Sun: 4RFT – 10 DL (#185/225), 8 Ring Dips, 600m Run
CrossFit Games Gossip, Heresay & Inuendos

So far it looks like these things will happen:

  • 2 Opens in 2019, Feb & Oct in order to transition to a new season that begins in Oct. each year.
  • 2020 Games Season:  Oct 2019 Open > 16 CrossFit “Licensed” Qualifying Competitions > Aug 2020 CFGames
  •  Masters & Teens selected via an Online Qualifier after the Open. Maybe less athletes to qualify.
  • 4 Person (MM/FF) “Super” Teams will be selected via the qualifying competitions. No more “Affiliate Teams”.
  • Dubai Fitness Championship, Granite Games and Wodapalooza have been announced as “CFG Qualifiers”.
  • The fittest athletes in the Open from each country where there is a registered affiliate will qualify for the Games.
  • The first couple days of the Games will serve as qualifiers for the final two days – for 10 athletes (m/f).

Read/listen about it all here:

Craig’s List

Joe Rogan with Elon Musk #1169 – This was an excellent podcast with one of the smartest and best thinkers in America. Ignore all the hype about Elon’s one small hit of marijuana, please. Elon is a very thoughtful individual with some very interesting and compelling perspectives on artificial intelligence, traffic problems, solar energy and excessive carbon in our atmosphere. His mind is always working and looking for simple solutions to the world’s problems. I’ve never wanted to drive a Tesla, but after listening to Elon talk, I’m now keenly interested in trying one some day.

Town Hall-ish Event – Sep 6