The Week Ahead 9.16.18

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. Epictetus

Competing is not for everyone, but it can be a lot of fun.

We have two “events” coming up at Diablo – and, there’s always local events every month (e.g., Femme Royale). The CrossFit Team Series is an online competition, similar to the Open, but with multiple workouts to complete, with a partner of your choice. There’s age/gender categories and scaled/rx divisions. Several Diablo members will be getting together to participate on Fridays and over the weekend – simply for the fun of it. I’ll be competing with Yvonne, primarily because she asked me and, well, she’s my wife. But, at the end of the day, its a way to get a good set of workouts in while having fun with friends. I’m not in “competition shape” but, I’m looking forward to this for the camaraderie and a personal benchmark test. So, if you want to get a feel for what it’s like to do a CrossFit competition, join in the fun, get a buddy, and sign up for the Team Series. It’s two weekends in a row, beginning Sep 19th (workout announcement).

The next upcoming event is our Fall Classic weightlifting competition. It’s on October 6th, and its NOT an official event. It is, however, a great opportunity to experience a weightlifting competition without pressure. The Winter and Spring classics were a blast for everyone who participated! And, it can be a good test of your max effort lifts. The reality is that no one cares how much weight you have on the bar – what they care about is you having a successful lift! And when it happens, the feeling is pretty damn cool.

Schedule Reminders
  • STRONG PH: Tu/Thu now begins at 5PM (- 6:30PM).
  • Masters Madness: is now at 6PM on Thursdays.
  • Moxie RX+ is on Wed at 6:30PM.

As always, we publish 7 days in advance on Sugarwod!

  • Mon: FGB Style – 3rds, KBs, Rope Climbs, Wall Ball, Cal Row
  • Tue: Snatch. Then, 12-9-6 Power Snatch, BMU (mod: burpee pull-up)
  • Wed: Agility work then, 3rft – 8FS, 12DL, 18 Lateral Jump-overs
  • Thu: Squat Cleans. Then, AMRAP9m – weighted step ups, t2b & burpees.
  • Fri: Jerk work. Then, yikes! – for time: 15 Jerks, 750m Row, 12PP, 500m Row, 9 SP, 250m row.  (#105>95>75 / #155>135>115)
  • Sat: Long, descending metcon of running, wallballs & box jumps.
  • Sun: EMO4Mx5: 10/14 Bike, 12 SDLHP, 12 K2E. Score: slowest round!
Baseball T’s!

Coming soon to your favorite Pro Shop…

Craig’s List

“CrossFit is my church” by Tara Isabella Burton on  – I’ve said this many times to my friends and family.  As it turns out, nearly 20% of Americans and 30% of those under 30 say they belong to no religion at all. In this very good article, Tara interviews Caper ter Kuile a researcher at Harvard Divinity School about his 2015 study, “How We Gather”. It’s an interesting take on the power of CrossFit’s very cool community.

Preventing Muscle Loss As We Age – Jane Brody, Sep 3, 2018, New York Times.  We intuitively know this, but it is very satisfying to see it published in the New York Times and supported by recent research. Lifting weights is ESSENTIAL to longevity. And, it’s far superior to other forms of fitness for the aged.

Make it an awesome week!