The Week Ahead: 5.14.18

“You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”
Michael McMillan

Last Week Stuff:

The Regional Athlete Charity Clinic was a hit. It was cool to see Diablo’s Regional Athletes working one-on-one with members. There were quite a few new skills learned, including Zach’s first bar muscle up with Coach Travis. About 30 Diablo members showed up and ran the Devil Mountain Run 5k or 10k run, hosted by Diablo’s Chris McCrary. The weather was amazing & the course was fun. Please put this on your calendar for 2019. And, a portion of their registration fee is going to help Diablo athletes cover travel expenses for the Regionals! Moxie’s Taryn Pascal competed in her 1st sanctioned Oly comp and hit all 6 lifts! And, on May 12th, Moxie’s Jimmy Quilenderino completed his 1st ever, 100k race (after training for a 50k!). I sat down for a FBLive with Coach Carrie Olson to talk Oly lifting and the Diablo Spring Classic.

This Week Stuff:

Diablo Spring Classic In-House Olympic Lifting Competition is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th from 9AM – 12PM. Classes will be canceled for this event! Sign up and test your strength – along with your classmates and friends.

Programming: Get the full week here.

  • Mon: C&J skill & strength work followed by a cool 8 min test of cleans, then jerks.
  • Tue: Murph Prep followed by a 15m cardio AMRAP of rowing.
  • Wed: Snatch work with a 4 round metcon of DLs, DB Push Press & 400m run.
  • Thu: Front Squat strength work, then a 3 round couplet with Toes-2-Bar & Wallballs .. unbroken?
  • Fri: Long metcon!
  • Sat: Spring Classic – Max C&J & max Snatch.
  • Sun: 17min AMRAP with pull-ups, burpees, db snatch & box jump-overs
3 Masters to the Games:

Kyle Kleinschmidt, Yvonne Howard and April Kitagawa are headed to the Games as Masters! All of their videos have been confirmed.


May 19: Diablo Spring Classic In-House Weightlifting CompetitionRegister now for a lifetime experience.

May 25-27: West Regionals: Diablo will have two teams and 3 Individuals vying for a trip to the Games. Join us at the West Regionals in Del Mar on May 25-27 to help cheer them on! If you can’t make the trip, the CrossFit Games website will live broadcast the event. You can find all the workouts here. You’ll likely see Diablo’s athletes practicing these all week!  Regionals Shirts: Will arrive this week! Pre-orders are closed, but Yvonne ordered few extras.

Mon, May 28: Memorial Day “Murph”:  Every Memorial Day for the last 11 years, members of Diablo CrossFit community come together and complete the hero workout “Murph’” as a way to honor Military men & women who sacrificed their lives while serving Our Country. Murph’ is a very challenging workout that will test your fitness and your resolve. For those who are unable to complete the workout RX, we recommend a “1/2 Murph” or a “Team Murph” – both are great workouts and an excellent tribute for Memorial Day. Sign up for your heat online.

Craig’s List:  

Joe Rogan #1108 with Peter Attia!:  Peter Attia is is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York, focusing on the applied science of longevity, sleep and Human Performance. This is another awesome, addictive episode of JR. Peter delves into the science of longevity, improving running performance (amazing stuff), and overall health.

CrossFit: The Cure for the Modern Plague: This is a fascinating CrossFit Journal Article discussing the benefits of CrossFit as measured by blood test results from Inside Tracker.

Make it an awesome week!