The Week Ahead: 5.18.18

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Last Week Stuff

Regional Fan Shirts arrived! Limited supply available. The Diablo Spring Classic In-House Oly Competition was really cool! We had several 1st time lifters who overcame severe anxiety to step onto the platform and compete. We had plenty of PRs and lots of great pics (coming soon!). Winners were selected based upon their Sinclair Total (age/weight formula):

Diablo’s Nutrition Page is up!  Under the direction of Coach Jennifer, our Diablo Nutrition coaches are focused on building healthy, sustainable habits for nutrition that match your desired outcome for health, appearance and performance. Diablo has 1 month & 3 month programs. Your personal nutrition program starts with a conversation with the coach of your choice.

Regionals are coming!

Diablo and Diablo Moxie Teams are competing – most likely in the same heats on Day 1. Teams compete in the morning.  Individual athletes, Sandra Pichelli, Whitney Heuser, and Kyle Kleinschmidt will compete in the afternoon. You can see heat times here: West Region Heat Times

Introducing Diablo’s Athletes

Alessandra Pichelli: Sandy has qualified for the CrossFit Games 5x as an individual and once as a team. In 2017 Sandy finished in 11th in the world. Her best finish was 4th in 2013.

Whitney Heuser: Whitney has been to the CrossFit Games 5x on Diablo Teams, helping the Team to a podium finish in 2012. This is her 5th appearance at Regionals as an individual.

Kyle Kleinschmidt:  Kyle has been to the CrossFit Games 2x on Diablo Teams, with a 9th place finish in 2016. This is Kyle’s 2nd appearance at Regionals as an individual (he narrowly missed qualifying for the Games in 2017). Kyle has also qualified for the CrossFit Games 2018 as a Master’s Athlete in the 35-39 age group (7th!).

Team Diablo Moxie: after a four year absence, Diablo CrossFit Moxie has qualified for Regionals. The 4 Athlete Team will be:

  • Troy Stinson (6th Regional! 2x Indy & 4x Team),
  • Coach Mike Olivas
  • Kelly Clark (4th Regional, 3x Team, 1x Indy)
  • Natalie Talbert.
  • Alternates: Chris Eagen (2x Regional Team) and Laura Alexander.  

Team Diablo: Returns to the Regionals for the 9th year. The Athlete Team will be:

  • Ben Wise (2x Games Team – 3rd in 2012 & 4x Team + 1x Indy Regionals)
  • Jonathan Castro (Diablo alternate 2017!)
  • Lauren Stevens (2x Regionals Team, 1x Games Team)
  • Annie Clark (1st CFG Open!).  
  • Alternates: Travis Newman (1x Regionals Team) and Brittany Benedetto (1x Regionals Team).
Thank you to Diablo’s Sponsors

Our Premiere Competition Team Sponsors help our athletes cover most of their registration and travel expenses for the competition season. We are grateful. Members, please – when you need any of these services, please reach out to our sponsors:  

Monday, May 28: Join us for Memorial Day “Murph”  

Every Memorial Day for the last 11 years, members of Diablo CrossFit community come together and complete the hero workout “Murph’” as a way to honor Military men & women who sacrificed their lives while serving Our Country. Murph’ is a very challenging workout that will test your fitness and your resolve. For those who are unable to complete the workout RX, we recommend a “1/2 Murph” or a “Team Murph” – both are great workouts and an excellent tribute for Memorial Day. More Details.

Programming Week  

Beginning next week the Workout of the Week page will be changing! You’ll be able to see 7 days of workouts, but they’ll be listed day-by-day as a direct feed from Sugarwod. And, by the way, if you don’t have Sugarwod yet, you are missing out on the BEST workout tracking system in CrossFit. Track you history, your PRs, and your friends. Give fistbumps and get kudos from friends. Visit our Apps page for information.

This week we’re testing Front Squats (3RM) and the Snatch (1RM). And, we have a nasty little twist on the benchmark “Tabata Something Else” with “Tabata Stuff” on Friday.

Craig’s List

“The Magic Pill” –  This is an incredible Netflix documentary that takes a startling look at the amazing effect that eating real food can have on people suffering from modern chronic diseases. Sugar, processed carbohydrates and lifestyles choices have created a global healthcare crisis. There is hope as Doctors, farmers, chefs and others weigh in on the controversial ketogenic diet and its potential to eradicate common illnesses.

CF Doc Video: this 6 minute video sheds light on CrossFit’s focus on “forging elite health”.  Get some perspective on what the medical community is facing with the current crisis in healthcare.