Coach Sandy! A Little History. Online Is Up. More Is Not Better… The Week Ahead 10.05.20

“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity no matter how impressive their other talents.” Andrew Carnegie

SAY HELLO TO COACH SANDY!! – Most of us know Alessandra Pichelli, the amazing CrossFit Games athlete: 8x CFG Individual Qualifier. Well, she’s also a CrossFit Level 2 Coach and is joining the Diablo Team for Private Coaching and Clinics. Sandra has an incredible amount of experience competing at CrossFit at the highest levels. And, she’s also a collegiate scholarship athlete (St. Mary’s Rowing) and has significant experience on the physical requirements to secure and maintain an athletic scholarship.

Sandy will be joining the Diablo Team to provide Private Coaching and specialty clinics for anyone who has specific goals related to fitness performance:

  • Military / Police / Fire Fitness Tests or Certifications
  • Collegiate Athlete Scholarships
  • Qualification for Sanctional / Games / Age-Group Online Qualifier
  • CrossFit Mastery: Barbell / Gymnastics / Endurance

Given her training schedule for 2021, Sandy has limited hours available each week for coaching. If you or your teen athlete are interested in Private Coaching with Sandy, email us at


DIABLO ONLINE IS LIVE! (starting Wed, Oct 7th). Check out the website  – If you are already a member at Diablo, our online classes are included in your membership. If you’re not a member, but you want to access to our online program, just sign up on our website, or, make an appointment to talk to one of our coaches.


Lots of design changes (some better than others), but the message is still the same: When you commit, so do we – and, we deliver fitness beyond expectations.


THIS WEEK’S WORKOUTS (check Sugarwod Track “Workout Of The Day”)  Check out the videos on Sugarwod or on YouTube (PRsAllDay).

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about):

 This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic. It’s not R. – The Atlantic. This is a very fascinating and science-based look at the historical data of cases and deaths related to the Coronavirus. It examines why the traditional view of spreading using the “R0”  (an average # of susceptible people to become infected after being exposed to someone with the disease) may not be right. Instead, data now suggests that the 80/20 rule may apply: superspreaders who infect large numbers of people. I really enjoyed this one, but I’m a data geek.

One Form Of Exercise Proves To Be The Most Effective For Long-Term Weight Loss. – Inverse. We know this. We preach this. You need muscle to burn calories all day. Muscles grow by training with weight – especially the barbell. Don’t skill strength days!

Make Every Calorie Count: Dialing in Nutrition & Exercise. – This is perhaps the best article I’ve read on diet calories & exercise and their impact on weight loss. Tuning in the right amount of each can maximize your fat loss. The good news: CrossFit’s intensity prescription combined with strength training is the most effective fitness method for weight loss & performance.

TOM TALKS.. Advice & Thoughts from The Old Man

 The next step in your fitness: more fitness?  If you’re a CrossFit athlete, there are many steps you should probably take before you ramp up the volume. Unfortunately, many of us see the workloads of the best athletes in CrossFit and assume that volume is the key to improving fitness, strength, or our body composition. As many veteran coaches will tell you, “more CrossFit is not better CrossFit.”

Here’s what we’ve observed:

  • With longer metabolic conditioning workouts, or multiple metcons, muscle and CNS fatigue lead to movement inefficiencies that can lead to injuries
  • Intensity declines when workout time increases. Workout intensity has the most measurable impact on fitness. Think “sprinter” vs “endurance athlete”.
  • High volume fitness contributes to burnout

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • To get better results, increase your intensity: during your lifts and especially during your metcons.
  • Become more efficient: learn to move more efficiently by getting a personal coaching session or attending Strong Class or a clinic. More efficient movement will allow for increased intensity.
  • When your performance has peaked add accessory work, ie., strength training (barbell or gymnastic), skill training, accessory lifts. Talk to a coach about accessory programming.

More volume will likely NOT deliver a sub 4minute Fran or a sub-40minute Murph. However, more day-to-day intensity in class workouts plus accessory work on pull-ups, push-ups or running, will help.

Make it an awesome week!