Hell No. 2xStrong. Adios, Turkey. “Kelly”. Black Edison. Scary Dilemma.The Week Ahead 11.16.20

Member Rodil San Mateo celebrated his 13 year anniversary with.. a workout, of course!

“If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”  Jack Benny

HELL NO, WE WON’T GO…OUTSIDE: On Friday, Contra Costa Health Services issued “an order to close” effective Tuesday, November 17th to indoor dining, indoor fitness centers and concession stands at movie theaters. This order usurps the State’s Tier system which has CCC in the “red” tier and allows for indoor fitness up to 10% of occupancy. Most troubling about this new order is that the County did not provide any data to substantiate the claim that gyms or restaurants represent a risk, despite 7 months of contact tracing. Unfortunately, this recent order will be the death knell for many more gyms and restaurants in our area.

Diablo CrossFit has exceptionally restrictive distancing, scheduling and cleaning protocols to keep our members safe. Our procedures, combined with our high ceilings, excessive ventilation and fans make Diablo safer than grocery stores, big box stores and other retail facilities. A recent Yahoo article about a similar CrossFit gym in Virginia highlighted the benefits of proper ventilation as advised by a specialist in airborne virus transmission.

Diablo will remain open indoors, operating safely while improving the health, fitness and mental well-being of our members. We will enforce strict safe-distancing policies and simulate an outdoor environment with:

  • Pre-class thermostat checks and staging areas
  • Mask requirements for entry and ProShop access
  • 20’ ceilings with negative pressure vents (air flow is up and out)
  • Multiple commercial warehouse fans throughout the facility
  • Two large (15’ x 20’) roll-up garage doors that open to our main gym area
  • Limited class sizes: no more than 16 people per class in 3500 square feet (225sf per person)
  • 45 minute class times on the hour with no overlapping traffic
  • No shared equipment during workouts
  • Sanitizing equipment after each class
  • Hypochlorous acid fogging system in between each class
  • Floor sanitization after each class
  • Supervisory oversight of all participants

Our protocols are published on our website for the public and are required reading for all new members.

Thank you for your continuing support. Together we will get through this pandemic.

 DOUBLE STRONG Beginning next Saturday, we’re shrinking the size of our Strong (Oly Lifting) class to 6 participants AND adding a 2nd class. Saturday Strong class times:

  • 8:00A – 9:30A
  • 9:30A – 11:00A

BYE BYE TURKEY TROT. HELLO PANDEMIC WOD:  Given the new, tighter restrictions for gatherings in CCC, we’ve decided to cancel our traditional Turkey Trot! However, we will be doing classes instead from 7A – 12PM.  And, Coach Jamie has created an epic “Pandemic 2020” wod for us. Reserve your spot on our app!

 WORKOUTS THIS WEEK (check Sugarwod Track “Workout Of The Day”): Skill Test, Squats, Deads & Kelly. 

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about): 

‘Black Edison’: The 20th century’s prolific, oft-forgotten inventor – this is an amazing story of Garret Morgan, a son of freed slaves, who’s amazing inventions and contributions to modern life have been overlooked, including gas masks and the traffic light. In the future, every time I run a yellow light, I’m going to smile and thank Mr. Morgan. This is a very inspiring read and an incredible “against all odds” success story.

Joe Rogan with Tristan Harris  #1558 – Tristan Harris is the mastermind behind the Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma”. Rogan really gets into the nitty gritty of social media influence upon society, politics and other serious issues. Honestly, I feel like everyone should listen to this one – especially parents. Tristan goes deeper than the issues that were disclosed in the Netflix show. With the explosive growth of mobile devices worldwide, especially in under developed countries, the ability to influence populations is scary. This episode will give you chills.

Make it an awesome week!