The Week Ahead 11.17.19

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”  Paul Valery

CAN’T MAKE IT TO CLASS? Please, check yourself out of class so someone else can get in! And, if you’re on the waitlist – COME IN! Chances are very good that someone will cancel and you’ll be added to class. Side note: we’re looking at the schedule to see where we can make adjustments or add classes to make sure everyone can get their workout in.

CROSSFIT NEWS:  After a 6 month-ish hiatus, CrossFit is back on Instagram under the name “CrossFit Training”. Be sure to subscribe to the daily CrossFit email of the day for awesome recipes and fascinating articles on health & nutrition.

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM BLUE DEVILS, our new Intramural Open Champions!

WELL DONE, SPARTANS!A very large crew from Diablo took on the Spartan Super (10k & 25 Obstacles) in Sacramento on Saturday. Way to represent!!

6 DIABLO MASTERS MOVE ON TO THE CFG AGE-GROUP ONLINE QUALIFIER! – The truth is, that we almost had 8 (Joby Aranda & Mark Mooney just missed!!).  Congratulations:

  • Coach Leka Fineman (50-54)
  • Kim Hilen (50-54)
  • Melissa Chatterton (50-54)
  • Yvonne Howard (55-59)
  • Shannon Aiken (55-59)
  • Craig Howard (55-59)

TRE NUTRITION CHALLENGE CONTINUES! – Join in anytime until Dec 31.

There is a ton of new research on the benefits of Intermittent Fasting or “Time Restricted Eating” Check out the blog post for all the information, then log your daily fast on Sugarwod.

12th-ish TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL TURKEY TROT – Thanksgiving Day at at Hidden Lakes Park, Martinez – 8:30AM – 9:30.  We’ll have a 3-4k-ish trail run with obstacles and a “stroller” alternative for families. We’ve been doing this every year and it’s a blast. Bring family, friends and dogs. Check out pictures from past Turkey Trot

IN-HOUSE WEIGHTLIFTING COMP! Diablo Winter Classic – Saturday, Dec 7th at 12PM.

PROGRAMMING – For this week’s workouts & scaling, please visit our website or Sugarwod

  • Mon: Deadlifts + Amrap 8m of DB Power Cleans, Front Squats & Thrusters
  • Tue: 4RT of Row, High WBs and Hang Power Snatch
  • Wed: Chipper – Bike, Sandbag Carry, HSPUs, Double Unders & Squat Cleans
  • Thu: Gymnastic Skills + Amrap 8m of Ring Dips, Knees-to-elbow & SDHP
  • Fri: Front Squat + 3rnds for time – 9 Thrusters & 12 Burp-over-bar
  • Sat: HELEN!! + Core Blast
  • Sun: Gymnastic Skills + Amrap 7m of Lunges & Strict Press

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to)

  • 4 Unexpected Benefits I’ve Noticed After 3 Months of Intermittent Fasting – Jaleh Bisharat – Medium. I have to agree with all of these: (1) More present with food, (2) Nothing wrong with being hungry, (3) More clear-headed, (4) Reduced cognitive load in the AM.
  • The Keto Diet’s Most Controversial Champion – Sam Apple, The Atlantic. This is a FASCINATING article that gives an incredible back-story on keto expert and University of Florida researcher Dominic D’Agostino and Patrick Arnold, the chemist best known for creating “The Clear” steroid (remember Balco?!). Arnold is now helping lead the research into ketones and how they may help with weight loss and athletic performance.
  • The Diet-Heart Myth: Why Everyone Should Know Their LDL Particle Number, Chris Kresser. Statins are one of the most prescribed drugs in the world. Yet, there is mounting evidence that there is no benefit to taking them – in fact, they may be doing more harm than good. Chris Kresser talks breaks down the cholesterol story and what we really need to focus on for heart health.

Make it an awesome week!