The Week Ahead 7.7.19

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” Mark Twain


On the weekend of June 28th, several Diablo athletes traveled to Sacramento to compete in the inaugural NocCal Classic Competition after qualifying for the event online. The event began with two workouts on Friday evening, continued with a 5k on Saturday morning and two more Saturday workouts and finally, 3 workouts on Sunday. In typical Diablo fashion a couple athletes ended up on the podium: Yvonne Howard, 2nd place in her age-group (tied for 1st in pts!) and Brittany Benedetto, also 2nd place in her age group! 

It was really cool to see so many OG Nor Cal athletes & masters athletes competing again. I spent most of the weekend just catching up with all my old CrossFit friends. It was also a lot of fun just hanging out in the Diablo tent, sharing workout stories and strategizing for the next wod. 

The competition was LONG, but the founders are vying for “Sanctional” status, so they made it a 3-day event. They also wanted to replicate the old NorCal Regionals feel – which they did very successfully. The venue was beautiful. However, the length of the event made it a lot of work for volunteers, especially the judges. Most were onsite and in the sun for 12 hours each day. I think the founders will likely shorten next year’s event. 

Every rep counts!  I was reminded of this CrossFit mantra when I checked my score after the last workout and realized that I missed the podium by 1 pull-up. In workout #7, I dropped off the pull up bar with about 4 secs remaining and decided to not go for one more when the announcer said “three, two, one..time!”.  I had the strength, but I mentally gave up because I wanted to be done for the weekend. And, it cost me. And, I’m disappointed in myself. So, learn from my mistake: work until the clock stops. And, you can rest when it’s over.


On Thursday at 6:30PM, Diablo’s 2019 CrossFit Games athletes will be hosting a coaching clinic focused on skills and strategies for the 2019 Open V2.0.  Alessandra Pichelli, Payam Saljoughian and Lara Erlank will share their thoughts and strategies to help you make this your best Open ever. They’ll also be leading break-out sessions to work on the skills and movements we can expect in October.

100% of the revenue for this event will go toward athlete travel, lodging & meals for the 2019 CrossFit Games in Augus.

Registration & Information

PROGRAMMING – Check Sugarwod for details & athlete notes.

MONDouble WOD time!  AMRAP 6m (DUs & T2B) + 3RFT (Row & T2B) 
TUEStrength: Squat Clean Complex.  Metcon: Couplet – SDHP + Thrusters!
WEDSkill: Weighted Pull Ups.  Metcon: AMRAP12m – DB Clean & Press, Run, Strict Pull ups
THUStrength: Jerks. Metcon: HSW + Cleans
SATSkill: Rope Climb.  Metcon: Run, Push Ups, Sit Ups
SUNMetcon: 7RFT – DUs, HSPUs, DLs



Rhonda Patrick with Elissa Epel. (LINK) Elissa Epel, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. Warning: this one is deep, but really informative. Dr. Epel discusses how diet & lifestyle affect aging, how sugar-sweetened drink consumption is linked to years of accelerated aging and how shorter telomeres can be transmitted to offspring. 

According to CNN, Masters Love CrossFit!  But, we already knew this at Diablo.