Skip Breakfast & Run a Mile. The Week Ahead 2.10.20

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.  Marcus Aurelius

Reminder! Row’d Royalty 20.4 Scores due Monday at 6PM!: 10 Minutes to Midnight – Row as far as possible in 10 minutes.

Next Teen Strong:  Feb 24th – Apr 3rd. This sells out! Reserve now.

Fit-Over-Fifty is now “Silver Strong!”:  Our next 4 week session starts Mar 2nd. Information & registration.

For this week’s workout details & scaling, please visit our website or Sugarwod

February Progressions: Watch The VideoGet the PDF.

 ⚬ Mon: Core Strength EMOM. Metcon: 50cal Row + 50 Burpee Box Jumpovers
 ⚬ Tue: Squat Clean Complex. Metcon: AMRAP8m – 12 WB & 12 DLs #155/225
 ⚬ Wed: For Time: 40/50cal Bike, 2m rest, 1mi Run, 2m rest, 50 Pull-ups
 ⚬ Thu: Jerk. AMRAP10m: 6 C&J #95/135, 12 Box Jumps
 ⚬ Fri: Partner WOD: AMRAP20m – 400m Run (together) then alternate, 250/300m Row, 12 HR Push-ups, 12 Alt DB Snatch #35/50.
 ⚬ Sat: 5 x 3-min rnds with 2min rest: 8 FSq #115/185, 8 DLs, Max reps Burpee-Over-Bar.
 ⚬ Sun: AMRAP13m: 16 SA-DB HClean & Press  #35/50, 100m Suitcase Carry, 20 DB Box Step Ups

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to)

Mechanics, Consistency & Intensity – This is an often overlooked tenant of CrossFit and a big reason why all new members must begin with our Start Up program at Diablo. And, it’s the reason why all of our coaches actively manage movement during every class, especially when the loads increase. This is a great read from the CrossFit Journal.

The Story of Breakfast Part 1 – I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Terence Kealey, PhD, MD, speak at the CrossFit Health Conference. His discussion on the impact of breakfast on our daily caloric intake was extremely fascinating! Society and food companies have convinced us of the need for “breakfast” and yet, our health and weight improve without it. Must Read.

The Story of Breakfast Part 2 – In Part 2 Dr. Kealey gives recommendations for the morning: If you are not hungry in the morning, then don’t eat breakfast! We do not have a dietary duty (nor do children). But, if you like breakfast – and if you’re fit and slim and active – then feel free to eat what you like in the mornings. Everyone else, though, should adopt the simple rule of not a calorie before noon.