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“What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?”  Tony Robbins

GO TO THE FNG GYM –  I follow @realpapaswolio and @jockowillink and @davidgoggins on Instagram and Twitter because every once in a while I need a little straight-talk motivation to get to the gym, go for my morning run with the dogs or maybe just to start a work or home project I’ve been putting off. They’re all hard-core, very direct, ‘get off your ass’ type influencers. They help counter my “inner coach” who often has great excuses to not get out of bed, not go to the gym, not go for the walk, or not manage my diet. Who’s your influencer?

THE CROSSFIT WAY – Over 17 years of operation, Diablo has faced many challenges to our business – lease issues, zoning challenges, operations, marketing, memberships & more. During our most difficult times, including the pandemic shutdowns, I relied upon the support and consultation of other CrossFit affiliate owners around the Country (and world) that I’ve met at training certifications, competitions and other events. And, in recent years, I’ve provided similar consultation and support to other affiliates who reached out or were referred to my by friends. This is the CrossFit way. This is how our affiliate community has thrived. 

So, if you’re a CrossFit affiliate and you need guidance, support or maybe just some insight on how we operate – let’s talk! I’m committing to 4 hours a month for affiliate calls. And, I’m going to be recruiting other OGs to join me. Check out my schedule page if you’d like to do a call. 

PODCAST  Well, we’re 2 for 2 on podcasts. Every Monday morning at 8:30AMish, Coach Jamie Lee and I will go live on YouTube (@prsallday) to talk about the week ahead and other hot topics for our community and the CrossFit affiliate community. Our first one was published to our Diablo member community, but #2 is on YouTube . We’ll try to keep ’em under 30mins. Hope you like. 


  • OCT 29: AMAZING GRACE AT DIABLO  On Saturday, Oct 29th, Diablo is hosting our annual charity fundraiser benefitting a local charity of choice in need of our support. This year all proceeds will benefit our friends, The Phoenix – National Sober Active Community – an amazing non-profit which provides fitness focused community support for substance abuse recovery. Heats are now OPEN for an early registration donation of $25. Just go to Oct 29th on your Diablo App. Thank you!
  • NOV 24: TURKEY RUCK – GORUCK MEMBER DISCOUNT!  This year we’re teaming up with GoRuck to add a little weight to our Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. We’ll be joining many other CrossFit gyms around the country for a Turkey Ruck. Ours will be at Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez. Our friends at GoRuck are giving our community a 10% discount on the purchase of any ruck equipment. Just use the discount code “Diablo10” beginning Monday.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  If my self-talk was a corporate manager he’d be fired immediately for verbal abuse, name-calling and inappropriate language.”

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Check SugarWod For Daily Workouts – October Calendar  &  Newsletter


Podcast: The Problem With Big Insurance & Big Pharma (non-Spotify link) – Brigham Buhler on Joe Rogan #1873 (spotify). This podcast goes onto my “must listen” list.  Brigham is a very experienced pharma/insurance/medical device industry insider. His resume and experiences are legit. He backs up his content with data. In this episode Brigham details how our current system of drug approvals, prescriptions, medical device use and insurance payments is abused and influenced by the need for corporate profits. The stories he tells will blow your mind, help you think more critically about doctor recommendations and motivate you to focus on preventative care.

Caution: This content might upset you because it exposes serious flaws in conventional wisdom regarding healthcare in our country. Brigham does not paint Pharma or Healthcare as having ill-intent. He simply describes the incentive-based systems that influence all healthcare decisions. Brigham breaks down FDA approvals, Insurance Coverage & Pricing, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (!!), Medical Devices and more. 

Research: High Intensity Exercise Reduces Anxiety – Rhonda Patrick PhD (@foundmyfitness)Analysis of 15 studies found aerobic exercise and particularly high-intensity exercise effectively treat anxiety. High-intensity exercise causes muscles to produce lactate which gets into the brain where it plays a direct role in the production of norepinephrine & serotonin.

Report: Some sports bras and athletic wear may contain high levels BPA – Damn. File this under, “what now?”.  All of the brands in the study are listed in the article. You know most of them. 

Amazing: Armageddon 24 years later..  NASA Deflected an asteroid – NASA Confirms DART Mission Impact Changed Asteroid’s Motion in Space. Most scientists will tell us with 100% certainty that the end of life on Earth will be the result of an asteroid impact. In an amazing show of American engineering & physics, NASA crashed a space craft into a moving, 170m wide asteroid 6.8 million miles away and successfully altered its trajectory. And, in true social media form, they got it on video!!  

Even More Amazing: The First Man on Mars

Make it an awesome week!