The Week Ahead 11.26.18

The Week Ahead 11.26.18

“Well done is better than well said.”  Benjamin Franklin

A Quick Look Back
  • The City Council approved passed new zoning for the Light Industrial Area! Diablo, Triactive and Pacific Rim volleyball are able to stay – after a use permit is issued.
  • The Turkey Trot was very cool – and tough. The weather cleared, the air was clean and a lot of members rallied for the run! Thank you to everyone who supported.
  • RX+ Class is back in action in PHill on Sat at 10:30.
SAT DEC 1st: In-House Comp – Holiday Edition SJ
  • Teams of 2 (MM, FF, MF – your choice!)
  • Moxie San Jose 9AM – 1PM – 
  • Details: In-House Comp Reg
  • Workouts Posted Online ^^
  • Registration required – FREE!
100,000 Meter Challenge

The 100,000 Meter Challenge is a charity “challenge” event that runs from Nov 23 – Dec 24th. Participants must accrue 100,000 meters on a rower, ski erg, treadmill or, running or swimming. All registration fees are donated to Carry the Load

Diablo member Ryan Cherryholmes introduced the 100km Challenge to Diablo 2 years ago and it has quickly become an annual tradition. More than 80 members are participating this year. 

It’s not too late! If you’d like to participate just register on the 100 Meter Challenge website and get moving! Please join the Diablo CrossFit team and be sure to log all your meters. We’d like to be the winning CrossFit affiliate!

Hello November New Members!
  • Daniel White
  • Lydia Kraftschik & Adan Hidalgo
  • Ieva Cefola
  • Tina Elliott
  • Karen Toepp
  • Bailey Brandenburg & Josh Sindelar
  • Adam Biton
  • Josh Williamson
  • Malinda French
  • Carlo Nocon
  • Mark English
  • Dan Ziemer
  • Devon Bates
  • David Diktakis & Kendra Watters
  • Hartley Barnett
  • Nino Lukic
  • Jon Wolfe
  • Adrianna Chavez
  • Chelsea Oga
  • Vince Mello
  • Chris Murillo
  • Joshua Thom

December Programming Focus:

  • Primary Strength – Deadlift
  • Secondary Strength – Bench Press
  • Gymnastic Progression – Handstand walks

Weekly Programming Highlights

  • Diablo Strong: Max Effort Week
  • Mon: Angie (heads up – sore maker!) or half/Angie
  • Tue: 2k Row then, max effort Clean + Hang Clean!
  • Fri: Overhead Squat work then, “Nancy
  • Sat: Partner AMRAP18m
  • Sun: Deadlift 5×5, then AMRAP 6m

Craig’s List:  Joe Rogan with Ross Edgley #1200. Ross is a former UK water polo player and is the 1st person to swim around the UK (5 months!). He is entertaining to listen to – and very knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition. This was a damn good podcast: motivational and educational. 

Here’s a quick video of his story.

Make it an awesome week!