SIPFIT, Food Log, Free Nutrition Coaching & Extreme Ownership – Week Ahead 3.23.20

Online & Doing Fine

“Be the friend you wish you had.”  Unknown Author

NOTHING ABOUT COVID: There’s enough stuff on social media. Let’s focus on ourselves, our family, our friends, our fitness and our happiness!

SIPFIT IS A HIT:  I’m kinda diggin’ the at-home workout thing. It’s really been a motivating shot-in-the-arm for me and Yvonne. Our community is just amazing. 120+ members picked up equipment to use. The home workout scenes have been pretty damn cool. Let’s keep it going!! So far our biggest class is 34. Let’s get to 50!

I’ve got all the classes on Mindbody now, so you can see them on the app. So far the schedule is:

  • Mon-Fri at 12PM and 5PM
  • Sat at 9AM
  • Sun at 11AM

 Click Here For All The Details On Our SIPFIT Classes and how to Zoom and access to the archives:

 And, all of the SIPFIT workouts are posted on Sugarwod each day. You can participate with the “Minimal Equipment” or “No Equipment” version.

 COACH ANDREW’S CHALLENGE – 3 DAY FOOD LOG:  Coach Andrew’s first SIP Challenge is to keep a food log for 3 days! When we’re at home, it’s really easy to overeat or indulge in processed carbs and/or alcohol. Want to know the impact? Keep a food log for 3 days! Chances are, that’s all the motivation you need.  Here’s where you get our Diablo Food Log.

 COACH LEKA: Free Zoom Nutrition Coaching!  Coach Leka is offering up FREE Nutrition Coaching sessions on Zoom. Now’s the time to check in. Email her at

 THIS WEEK’S SIPFIT AT-HOME WORKOUTS: Sugarwod has a new look! Coach Jamie has been working with Coach Stephen to produce daily training videos for our At-Home workouts. And, we’re able to post them directly to Sugarwod. Check ‘em out on the SugarWOD app!

For all the details visit our website or Sugarwod

  ⚬ Mon: SLIPS & “Annie”
  ⚬ Tue: Strength Work + Metcon – 400’s & Cleans
  ⚬ Wed: Metcon 4x 4min – OH Lunge, FSquats & Burpees 
  ⚬ Thu: AMRAP 18m – HSPU, Pistols, Farmer Carry, T2B
  ⚬ Fri: Fun with Tabata

 CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to)

A great book for a challenging time:  Extreme Ownership –  Jocko Willink, Leif Babin. I’ve had this in my Audible library for quite a while and decided to give it a listen. Ironically, now is a great time for this one. I needed it. 

Jocko and Leif are two former SEALS who led the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War. The stories they tell in this book are frightening & impressive and underline the need for “Extreme Ownership”: taking complete ownership of your situation – not blaming others or making excuses – to create solutions and succeed. 

Right now, it would be very easy for me to make excuses and blame the CV for our current business environment. Instead, I and our awesome Diablo leadership team are taking ownership and creating value for our members and opportunity for our business. We will survive this crisis and come out stronger than ever.     

Make it an awesome week!