The Week Ahead: 4.16.18

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” Nikos Kazantzakis

This Week:  Sarah A.’s story, Programming Outlook, More Content, The Spring Classic, Moxie made it to Regionals, Isle of Dogs

One Thing:  Be inspired by Sarah.

About Sarah A

Most of us know, Sarah Aronson, a member of Diablo since 2009. But, if you’re newer to Diablo, or you come in the early am or late in the day, you might have never met her. She is married with twins (boy & a girl) age 6. Two years ago she was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma – a type of brain cancer that grows rapidly. She has an amazingly positive attitude coupled with a strong will. Recently, former Diablo member and KTVU Channel 2 Anchor, Claudine Wong put together a really nice piece about Sarah with interviews of her and her husband Erik including some footage at Diablo. This is a fantastic video with real insight into the emotions of the battle that Sarah and her husband are fighting.  We are proud of you, Sarah. We are inspired. And, we’re praying for your full recovery.

Side note: CrossFit included the Channel 2 story in their daily email to all affiliates, L1’s and everyone else on their daily email list.

You can see the full story here.

Programming highlights this week:   (click for details)

  • Mon: Begins with a long metcon to work off the weekend. 3x 800m run + 20 K2E, WBs & PP
  • Tue: Clean strong work followed by a cool 4x  500m row variation.
  • Wed: Muscle up progression work followed by a gymnasty emom and tough little 10m Metcon.
  • Thu: Strength work back squat day!  Mecton: faaast  10-1 couplet of KB SDHP + Goblet squats (hit your depth!)
  • Fri: Should be a benchmark wod. 5 rnds of 400m run, 4 PCleans, 8 S2OH (#95/135)
  • Sat: After some core work the metcon looks like an Open wod – AMRAP 17m, 12 Pull-ups, 9 BJ, 6 DL.
  • Sun: Gross..5 x 2m rounds of work with 1 min of rest – buy-in on the bike, then wall balls & burpees.

Content, Content, Content!

We’re starting to add more content to our blog – with lots more coming. Your Diablo coaches have a ton of knowledge and experience to share. We’ll be tapping into that for you. Stay tuned. And, in the meantime check out:

Coach Jennifer’s April Nutrition Challenge

Training for the 2019 Open

The Spring Classic Olympic Lifting Meet is Saturday, May 19th!

Diablo’s 1st Olympic Lifting Competition of 2018 will be May 19th at Pleasant Hill. This is the next step toward a fully-sanctioned meet at Diablo.

Details and registration information – click here.

CrossFit Games West Regionals Updates

Diablo Moxie is IN! Congratulations to this hardworking crew of athletes. They made the commitment last August, ignored the Regional & Team revisions, put in the work, grinded through the Open, and now they’re sitting in 23rd place in the West Region – good enough for a ticket to the Regionals. Congratulations, Sean Ranney, Kelly Clark, Laura Alexander, Natalie Talbert, Troy Stinson, Mike Olivas, Chris Eagan and Jake Mendleson. You did good.

On the Individual Side:  Alessandra Pichelli and Whitney Heuser accepted their invitations to the West Regional. Kyle Kleinschmidt is waiting for his invitation (he’s 3 spots out, but a shoe-in since 6 athletes above him have chosen “team”).   Former Diablo athlete & coach Kyle Zozaya is locked & loaded for the South Regional after taking 10th in the Southwest.

And, still on the bubble:  Diablo’s Pleasant Hill Team – after removing the scores of Sandra, Whit and Kyle, Diablo is still in the mix!  Stay tuned to the leaderboard as the final shuffling happens next week.

Masters Online Qualifier Apr 19-23:   Kyle Kleinschmidt, April Kitagawa, Yvonne Howard, Melissa Chatterton and I will be hitting 4 workouts over the next weekend (Yvonne’s birthday)! Workouts will be announced on the 19th. We’ll likely do one on Thursday, then parcel out the rest over the weekend. We’ll post information in our FB groups.

What I’m reading/watching/listening to:

CrossFit Podcast with Alexandria Tolten. In her teenage years, Alexandria Tolton suffered from a serious eating disorder. She believes that CrossFit has helped her overcome bulimia and understand how to live a healthy life. Best quote: “you can’t get obese from eating – you have to drink your calories”.  Powerful podcast.

The Isle of Dogs a still-motion movie by Wes Anderson (Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tennebaums).  It is outstanding, very funny and an incredible piece of art.