The Week Ahead: 6.03.18

“The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one’s self to others.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Last Week Stuff

Regionals Quick Summary:  If you’re on social media, then you we’re likely barraged with stories about the CrossFit Games West Regional. Here’s the quick story:  the Regionals were a blast. It was a nonstop pace for Diablo fans as heat after heat featured a Diablo team or athlete. Diablo’s Teams only had a few weeks to prepare for Regionals, since they weren’t notified that they qualified until late April. Team Diablo Moxie began in 27th and finished in 11th overall, including a 7th place finish on their last event! Team Diablo began in 28th and finished in 21st overall. Individual athletes Kyle Kleinschmidt (already qualified for the Games as a Master) finished in 21st (of 39). Whitney Heuser finished in 24th (of 40).  Alessandra Pichelli will be making her 6th trip to the CrossFit Games as an Individual after putting on a dominating performance to take 2nd overall.

Check out some of the best pics from the Regionals here.

Murph’ was amazing – at Pleasant Hill and San Jose. Coaches Jamie Lee and Sean Ranney ran the events with about 155 members participating! Thank you to everyone who turned out to honor our fallen servicemen and women with this very challenging Hero wod.

Check out some of the pics from Murph in PHill

Diablo Adventure Club

This crew has been busy! On Sat Jun 2nd, they hit the rapids on the American River for some whitewater rafting.  And, on Sunday the 3rd, they’re getting their Ninja warrior skills on with a private class – full gym access – to the Apex Gym in Concord! JOIN THIS FB GROUP if you want to be kept up to speed on all the happenings:  trail runs, Escape Rooms, outdoor adventures.  Next up:  Spartan Race on June 9th in Monterrey!


Did you catch the June Preview (click)? Coach Jamie Lee talks about our programming focus for the month.  As usual, you can find 7 days of future programming on Sugarwod or click on the “WODS” link on our website.

  • June Primary Strength: Deadlifts
  • Secondary Strength: Benchpress
  • Gymnastic Strength/Skill: Rope Climbs

This week’s wod highlights:  Deadlifts on Monday & Saturday; Bench Press on Friday; Green Machine on Mon & 2k Row Benchmark on Thu.

June Nutrition Challenge is up

Coach Jennifer posted the June Nutrition Challenge: “Find your Micronutrients“.  With all the talk about Macros, we can’t overlook the micros – or, micronutrients.  Jen gives a nice break-down of essential micronutrients for and the best ways to get them into your diet.

Teen Summer Strong begins June 18

During the Summer, our Teen Strong class moves to an earlier time (1:00PM) and goes for 90 minutes. Our Summer Strong focuses a little more on the barbell movements, primarily the Olympic Lifts. These are essential lifts for building power, strength and speed in ALL athletes. Most highschool programs include the Oly lifts in their strength & conditioning programs for athletes, but don’t spend near enough time on instruction for proper movement. More power and strength yields better performance with more confidence.

Teen Summer Strong information & registration

Craig’s List

Diet is the difference: this is Tammy Florzack’s story (CrossFit Journal article). She had been CrossFitting for 5 years but still weighed 390lbs. When she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in Aug 2017 she finally got serious about her nutrition. She worked closely with her Coach at CrossFit Carbon and has improved her health dramatically while shedding weight. But, it is NOT easy – the emotional aspect of diet is challenging for Tammy and her Coach. This story is enlightening.

Tim Ferris with Rhonda Patrick: Dr. Rhonda Patrick (PhD) is a biochemist and scientist. She has her own podcast as well at .  Get out your notepad and don’t have any distractions because Rhonda Patrick is an amazing knowledge source.  She drops awesome nutrition bombs throughout this podcast. And, she backs up ALL of her advice and claims with solid research studies. In the Tim Ferris episodes, RP talks:

  • Best practices for fasting (and who struggles most with time-restricted feedings)
  • What blood tests are most important to analyze for overall health
  • The “minimum effective dose” for the benefits of sauna
  • Heat vs. cold exposure, and how they should be used effectively
  • Most effective smart drugs
  • The latest fat loss research
  • The link between Vitamin D and performance.
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