Weekly Update 7.14.19

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. John Dryden



PROGRAMMING – Check Sugarwod for details & athlete notes.

This is a week of very cool workouts!

MONMetcon: AMRAP15m – 5 HPSnatch (#95/135), then 2x: 5 T2B, 8 Alt Pistols, 10 Box Jumps
TUEMetcon: 4RFT – 500/600m Row, 3/5 Muscle Ups, 400m Run
WEDStrength: Squat Clean Complex. Metcon: AMRAP7m – 9 DB Deadlift, 6 DB HSCleans, 3 DB Thrusters
THUSkill: Rope Climb Progressions. Metcon: E3MOM x 3 – 200m Run, 12/15 Push Ups, 30 DUs
FRIAMRAP18m:  1 Clean (#155/225!!), 3 High Wallballs (10’/11’), 6 Box Jumps (24”/30”)
SATStrength: Push Jerk 5×2.  Metcon: 21-15-9 – Calorie Row & Strict Press (#53/85)
SUNMetcon: 800m Run, then 1,2,3,5..10 of Front Squat & Lateral Burpee over Bar, 400m Run



How to be happy in overwhelming times. David Kirkpatrick in Better Humans on Medium. Recently, I’ve talked to several people who’ve expressed feeling “overwhelmed”, including strong anxiety and depression. Life in the modern age with technology overload can feel overwhelming, especially in the Bay Area. That’s why I loved David Kirpatrick’s article and 7 steps to happiness. #5: Unplug 1 day a week…

Having a Mantra Will Make You Better, Brad Stulberg for Outside Magazine. I use mantras often, so I’m a believer! And if you use Chrome, check out this cool add-on: Momentum. It gives you daily Mantras with each new tab you open (along with an amazing picture and a cool message).