Why Do The Open?

History of The Open at Diablo

The CrossFit Games is a 13 year old competition event to determine the fittest athletes in the world. The 1st stage of the CrossFit Games is the OPEN – an online competition that lasts 5 weeks, with one workout announced each week. Everyone of all abilities are encouraged to participate including teens, masters, and scaled athletes. Earlier this year, more than 300,000 people from around the world participated. Workouts can be completed as RX or, Scaled. There are age groups for Masters starting at age 35 and for Teens starting at age 14. The top 20 athletes in the Open and the 1st place finisher in each Country qualify for the CrossFit Games. Additionally, top finishers can qualify for approved “Sanctional” events around the world, which can lead to a qualification spot for the CrossFit Games.  

The CrossFit Games have been a part of Diablo CrossFit’s culture since 2008. Our original members thought it would be fun to test our gym fitness with other CrossFit gyms and athletes from around the State and Country. And, after our first experience at the Games many of us were hooked. Several Diablo members made CrossFit their “sport” and trained long and hard in order to try to be the fittest in the world. And, the rest of our community became fans of the sport – which we were doing every day in class. As a result of their effort and the support of our community, 26 Diablo athletes have competed at the Games more than 60 times since 2008 – on teams, as individuals and as masters – which ranks us among the top CrossFit gyms in the world.

More importantly, the Open has provided our members and other passionate CrossFitters a target to shoot for – a goal – much like a marathon or a Spartan race for runners, or a mountain peak for climbers. And, the Open elicits performances that might not ordinarily occur in a daily class. We love watching members “break-through” barriers while doing the Open: hitting their first pull-up or double-under, lifting a weight heavier than they thought possible, or shattering a time that was thought to be unreachable. There are few opportunities in life where a community can come together to witness and support physical achievement together. It is very empowering and very addictive.

Why Register for The Open

For our veteran members who have done the Open multiple times – I encourage you to sign up for the Open and just have fun – rx or scaled. Participating in the Open is a great tribute to CrossFit, the Games and our legacy. Your participation is also inspiring for our new members who may be signing up for the 1st time ever. 

For our new members who are wondering about this crazy event: please sign up and participate! You’ll likely surprise yourself and when it’s all over, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that will be with you for a long time. And, when you see a CrossFit Games broadcast, you’ll have a very meaningful connection with the amazing athletes who make CrossFit their sport. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Fridays crushing the Open!


Craig Howard
Owner & Founder
2013 CFG Masters Champion M50-54