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2017 New Year Transformation @ Diablo CrossFit
Jan 9 – Apr 8 all-day

We are committed to helping our members lead happy, healthy lives. How we lookfeel, and perform is largely the result of how we eat.

Sadly, diets don’t work.

The answer is to create new habits and retrain your brain.

Diablo is bringing back our wildly successful Spring Transformation for the New Year.

Our program will start Monday, January 9th. This is a 12 week program. During this time, you will get access to life changing coaching and materials that will set you up with healthy habits that last a lifetime.

There will be a prize for the most inspirational member based on changes in health, body, mindset, and motivation to the entire group.

The most inspirational participant will also receive a free year of private coaching.

The 12 week program is a $297 investment in yourself.

Here is a breakdown of the Transformation:

-12 Week Challenge with initial assessment, pictures, and weigh-ins Monday, January 9th 8-  10am and 5 – 8pm in P-Hill
-Weekly webinar presentation on weekly habits with instructions
-Support documents emailed and loaded to FaceBook
-Monthly reassessment at 30 & 60 days
-Final weigh-in, body fat test, pictures at 90 days
-Special discount on 52 Week coaching continuation program for graduates if the so choose

Each week, for 12 weeks, we’ll task the group to focus on a habit that will create the biggest change in health and body composition. We’ll provide supporting materials through a group email. We’ll perform weigh-ins in person on opening day, and every 30 days until the final weigh-in.

For more Information and to Sign Up, Visit –

The cost is $297 for members and spouses and $347 for non members.Once again, I will donate a year of Nutrition coaching to the winner ($1,800 value). Jon Ward is happy to speak about his success during the last challenge.

Spartan Race – San Jose @ Van Vleck Ranch
Apr 1 – Apr 2 all-day


Diablo will be getting a team together for the next Race in April. We will also be hosting some Clinics to help with all the obstacles.

Body Fat Testing – May 6 @ Diablo CrossFit
May 6 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Body Fat Testing - May 6 @ Diablo CrossFit | Pleasant Hill | California | United States

Cost $49 or $39 if this is a ReTest. Sign up for a time slot HERE

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing

Available now for only $49.00 Retest $39.00

Body Fat Test provides hydrostatic (underwater) body composition analysis. According to university research, hydrostatic weighing is the Only GOLD STANDARD to which all other body fat testing methods compare their degree of error.  This includes calipers, bioelectrical impedance, the Bod Pod, Dexa Scan and others.

During the test, you will totally submerge yourself comfortably warm water, heated between 89o and 94o, for only a few seconds. You are in complete control. You need to bring a swimsuit and a towel.  We have private dressing rooms on board. For your comfort the lab is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

Eating within 2 hours before the test may affect your results by up to 1½%, but no more. Therefore, we advise you not to eat within two hours before the test. Working out and drinking water is alright. You should try to use the restroom and take a shower if possible. Also, please do not have large amounts of makeup or hair gel on when testing.

The water is chemically treated for cleanliness, similar to a swimming pool or spa, and is run on a constant filtration system throughout the day. The lab is fully heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer to provide a comfortable testing environment.

A trained technician will be with you every second of the test. You will have privacy and confidentiality during the entire test, which only takes 10 minutes. You may have a friend in the clinic at the same time observing if you wish.

After the test, you will receive a 4-page printout, which includes your body composition including body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, resting metabolic rate, and caloric expenditure tailored specifically for you.

*24 hour cancellation is required for refund*

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