The Week Ahead 10.07.19

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”  Dalai Lama

THANK YOU! This year we really changed gears for our Amazing Grace event (formerly Barbells for Boobs). Earlier this year, Yvonne and I watched a Netflix documentary called “Life In the Dog House” about 2 men’s efforts to save thousands of dogs from euthanization. And, after adopting our rescue Husky, we decided that we’d rally our community to help the amazing people at Norcal Sled Dog Rescue who work tirelessly on a very limited budget to find homes for sled dog breeds of all kinds. Our Amazing Grace event on Saturday raised almost $2,000 from our community to help the Norsled crew keep doing their awesome work. Thank you, very much from Yvonne and me.

Pictures from Amazing Grace for Norsled Rescue.

 WHAT IS THE OPEN & WHY PARTICIPATE?  I dusted off an old blog post for our members who are new to the Open and the CrossFit Games experience. Check it out:  Why do the Open?

 ARE YOU ON A TEAM YET? Friday Night Lights  begins October 11th at 5PM.

The CrossFit Games Open is open to the world! Past Opens have included up to 400,000 partiicipants from around the world. Each week for 5 weeks, one workout is released on Thursday and must be completed by Monday at 5PM. The top athletes in the Open are selected to participate in the CrossFit Games.  At Diablo, we’ve created “intramural teams” to help make the Open a fun, memorable community experience. If you register for the Open as a member of Diablo, you’ll be added to an intramural team! Points are earned for workout performance, attendance at FNLights, judging other athletes and more!

 WELCOME COACH HERALD!!  Coach Herald came to Diablo from Contra Costa CrossFit. He is passionate about fitness, community and especially CrossFit. We’re excited to have him on our team!

 PROGRAMMING – For this week’s workouts & scaling, please visit our website or Sugarwod!

Mon3x 4-min AMRAPs: 10 HSPU, 15 DL #105/155, 20 Box Jumps 20″/24″- rest 2min
TueStrength: 5×4 Back Squat. Metcon: AMRAP7m,12 DBFC Lunges #35/50, 12 C2B Pull-ups
WedOly: PClean Complex. Metcon: 3RFT – 450/500m Row, 25 Sit-ups
ThuE5MOM: 12/17 Cal Bike, 200m Run, 3 Rope Climbs 
FriSkill: TGU. Metcon: AMRAP10m, 3 DPress, 3 DB Box Step Up, 6,6, 9,9…..
SatAMRAP16m: 50 WB, 40 T2B, 30 PCleans #75/115, 20 Burp to a target
SunFT: 800m Run, 21 DB PPress, 100m FCarry, 600m Run, 15 DB PPress, 100m FCarry, 400m Run, 9 PPress, 100m FCarry, 200m Run

20.4! Diablo CrossFit will be hosting 20.4 LIVE on Halloween! We’ll have details up soon, including athletes, tickets, etc.

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Make it an awesome week!